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Medium Construction Site

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Where Outside

Certain large buildings cannot be built directly. They first require that a temporary structure called a Construction Site be assembled, which then is loaded with the building materials. When all the materials are loaded, the Construction Site vanishes and the new building stands in its place.


This becomes available to build once you've learned level 2 of the Project Management skill.


To build a Medium Construction Site, you need:

Built outside. Once built, click on the site to select the desired project.

  • Site self-destructs after two hours of no activity. This may be deferred by adding an item to reset the timer.T6ok small.gif
  • May be disassembled for a full return of all materials and contents, including those of the site itself.T6ok small.gif


Used to construct outdoor buildings that require too many materials to carry.

Upon completion, most of the resulting buildings can be repositioned once. This means that the construction site need only be built in the approximate position and orientation.

Required By

Test of Towers