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Monument/Architecture Challenge

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The challenge to the Next Generation for Architecture is: Hand of Ra


The full test proposal can be found in the full description.


Spread the glory of the Sun by constructing the largest mirrored pyramid to shine the light to all the darkest 
corners of Egypt.

1) Players must construct a hollow Mirror Pyramid, which primarily uses mirrors and glass (no huge stones to 
support them).

2) The pyramid starts out small, size 1. Players can then add materials to make it bigger, one size at a time, 
with the cost rising exponentially as the size does.

3) There is a chance of collapse each time the player builds higher, which results in the loss of all materials 
and the pyramid itself. This chance of collapse is simply the new size minus one of the mirrored pyramid in 
percentage. The maximum chance of collapse is 95%. For example:
* Raising to a size of 2 has a 1% chance of collapse.
* Raising to a size of 60 has a 59% chance of collapse.
* Raising to a size of 96 and any deeper has a 95% chance of collapse. 

4) To mitigate chance of collapse, players can build sigils of Ra, the Egyptian god of the Sun. Sigils should 
be costly or time consuming to make though.

5) If a player has a sigil of Ra on their possession when a pyramid "collapses", the sigil is consumed and the 
pyramid gets a "reroll". If the "reroll" still results in a collapse it will consume another sigil and so forth until 
it either succeeds or the player runs out of sigils and it ultimately collapses.

6) At the end of the week, the players who control the largest mirrored pyramid in each region of Egypt and 
has held that status for two days passes. 

Inscriptions of the supporters of this Challenge

Pharaoh's Oracle of Architecture:

Sage of Architecture:
Fuzz, McArine

Master of Architecture:
Ruby, Larame, Renard, Wampak

Scribe of Architecture:
Ariella, Luan, Sabina, YendorsSlave, bcoastaldawn, emeraldlily, Karush, Morendo

Journeyman of Architecture:
Annuminas, Bessodia, Brunhilda, Kalmkitty, KebiRoz, Rhosymedre, cate, Amon-Sul, Aseto, Balthazarr, GammaBird, Oompaw, Robby, TheMazeEcho, Yendor, atomadam2

Prentice of Architecture:
Arwa, Astia, Avanya, Baltharina, Handsome, Heterika, MissBarbara, Neas, Ninfa, Panyea, Rosenfeuer, Wishes, arnika, nikara, tamb, Alkhar, Augir, Blueshift, Donk79, GHawkins, Honasha, Hounddog, MrB, Nebamon, Ofalot, OneBanana, Pascalito, Porthos, Squill, Zhukuram, herberti, mattphat

Student of Architecture:
Ami-Rana, Asheara, Aubery, CherryBlossom, Chet, Crashley, DustiTwister, Etma, Kyline, Lizzi, Lukeera, Maata, Mariamom, Misty, Mitsuko, Nitocris, Peacefulness, ReddRuby, Risa, Sakura54, Samisotet, Sheba, SleepyKitty, Starfyre, Tashienna, Ulah, Xasis, Xianyde, ella, ellorin, joliet, kanara, klynn, kuupid, sake, windingo, AlaricRa, Arahgon, Arden, Bartram, Bryce, Denebo, Eros, Hemptwister, Jazkar, Markanthony, Maximus, Mektos, Milythael, PetrusIV, PtolemyVII, Qwu, Rabble, Sithid, Sonnenfeuer, Sparky, Strutter, Tibere, amron, badkitty, farmer, hd-jr, toothless, zydhek