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Monument/Art and Music Challenge


The challenge to the Next Generation for Architecture is: Test of Sculptors


The full test proposal can be found in the full description.


Test of the  Sculptors :
Demonstrate the magnificence of your artistry, both in a team and in individual works.     
1) This test should show up in the calendar weekly. There needs to be at least 8 or 16 (devs can better pick 
the number?) participants.   

2) At the specified time, players should gather at the designated UArt to sign up for the test.   

3) Once the test begins, the group is randomly divided into two teams (Sun/Sand) - with each team getting 
their own communication tab.   

4) Each team then has ONE hour to construct a joint sculpture/artwork. Once time is up, the artwork is 
"locked" from any more editing and open for judging.   

5) The public has 24 hours to vote on which one they like better. No scale in the vote, just "I like this best!" 
(like a Hegemon vote). Test participants cannot vote on either.   

6) The losing artwork is set ablaze and destroyed - all members of that team eliminated.   In the case of a tie, 
both artworks are destroyed, and both teams fail to gain any points.   

7) The team that passes all gain one point, then is divided into two teams again and this time have 24 hours 
to build an artwork, followed by 24 hours of public voting again like the above.   Only this time, its the two 
new artworks and the one "old" winning one. Only the winning piece is not destroyed.   In the case of a tie, 
all artworks are destroyed. If the "old" artwork wins then the two new pieces are destroyed and the test 

8) Step seven repeats until the winning team is composed of 1 person, or all teams were eliminated due to a 
tie or an "old" piece winning.   

9) At the end of the week, whoever holds the most points passes.   In case of a tie, passes are held for next 
week. Points are retained. 
----Written by Jospehsky

Inscriptions of the supporters of this Challenge

Pharaoh's Oracle of Art and Music:

Sage of Art and Music:
Nissim, Obol

Master of Art and Music:
Shemei, Hounddog, Renard, Rey

Scribe of Art and Music:
Avanya, Bessodia, Ninfa, ReddRuby, SleepyKitty, Tashienna, Robby, badkitty

Journeyman of Art and Music:
Maata, Nitocris, Xianyde, cate, kuupid, sake, Fuzz, GHawkins, Jazkar, Markanthony, McArine, Porthos, Riqo, Zhukuram, atomadam2, farmer

Prentice of Art and Music:
Anavlis, Antilia, Asnath, Chet, Doodi, DustiTwister, Emy, Linisha, Lukeera, Mariamom, Minerva, Peacefulness, Starfyre, Wishes, ella, klynn, murtha, nikara, tamb, AlaricRa, Blueshift, Darkfyre, Hemptwister, Honasha, Menmaatre, OneBanana, PetrusIV, Sabuli, SmokeyBear, Wampak, kastou, toothless

Student of Art and Music:
ANA, Ariella, Aubery, Aziza, Chelsis, Dalia, Feyth, Jaylena, Kyline, LadyKaytay, Lindie, Lizzi, Marlie, MissBarbara, Rags, Ruby, Sakeu, StarGazeR, TreekaSu, Zianna, aloli, arnika, bcoastaldawn, blondie, brucette, ellorin, falbala, lilac, lorraine, nourbese, pira, queenisis, Adonais, Arahgon, Bamrak, Bryce, Chart, Drakien, Herat, Jaxum, JosS, Josephsky, Judd, Justin, Karush, Morendo, Nefermaat, Nemoder, Osidion, Pascalito, Qwu, Rabble, Silden, Spark, Thaine, Thunderstorm, Tyreus, Windrider, abar, amron, badmax, joejoe, mattphat, sidd