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Newfy's guild

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Newfy's Guild

We speak english and french.

We are localized in Old Egypt (1033, 6708), Between Slead and Uart, not far from CS. If you wish to join Newfy's guild, please contact an Elder (Kastou, Trillian or Asnath) in game

Nous parlons anglais et français.

Nous somme situés à "Old Egypt" (1033,6708), entre Slead et Uart, pas très loin du CS Si vous voulez rejoindre la guilde, merci de contacter l'un des Elders (Kastou, Trillian ou Asnath) en jeu.

Tests Projects

Trone of Pharaoh

Guild camp Projects

Chests : Reactory Upgrade
Warehouse 1 : Automatic Loom - Brick Machine - Flax Gin - Silk Worm Farm - Thistles Garden
Warehouse 2 : Ant Colony


Quarries and Mines
Raeli Oven
Citrus and Honey
Marble Trade


Kastou Paint
Asnath Paint
Wood Traitment receipes
Metal Tratment Receipes

Members / Membres

Asnath Kastou FairyTale Trillian