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Palm Valley/ChemBath Recipes

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Guild: Palm Valley

Chemical Bath Recipes

Gold-Plated Strontium - Stainless, insulative, non-toxic (Tongs: 18 Purity 4+)
40 Salts of Strontium (strodium adds the purity), 10 cactus sap, 8 Salt ,40 Coal, 30 Arsenic, 38 Salts of Gold (it's now gold plated), 20 Lime, 20 Coal, 50 Cactus Sap, 10 Lime, 5 Salts of Gold, 50 Cactus Sap, 10 Gravel(try 8?), 10 Arsenic, 17 Salts of Gold

Titanium: Hard Stainless (4x reactory hopper upgrade)
30s coal, 60s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (confirmed)

Thoth's Metal - Hard Stainless Ductile (Used for Sawmill Upgrades)
20 coal, 10 cactus sap, 30 gravel, 25 lime, 40 cactus, 8 gravel, 30 potash, 10 lime

Sun Steel: Hard Stainless Insulative Nontoxic: (7x reactory hopper upgrade)
135 cactus sap, 10 gravel, 10 arsenic (confirmed)

Stainless Steel: Hard Stainless Shiny : (Stainless Steel Pots and Sphinx)
90s cactus sap, 50s gravel, 10s arsenic (works in jyin's chem bath)

Steel: Stainless Insulative (Pots)
40s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (confirmed)

Iron: Hard Corrosion-resistant (lime auger)
40s coal, 50s cactus sap, 20s gravel (tweaking)

Cooper: Hard Stainless Insulative (steam distaff, steam rock saw)
65s coal, 30s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic

Moon Steel: Plastic Nontoxic Ductile(auto loom hopper upgrade)
20s gravel, 70s cabbage juice, 10s cactus sap, 20s gravel, 60s lime, 4s cabbage juice

Pewter: Brittle Hard Corrosion resistant(phoenix)
10s potash, 10s saltpeter, 10s arsenic, 30s coal, 10s cactus sap, 10s gravel