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Powdered Gems

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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Powdered Gems are made from Cuttable Gems or mined Gems using a Chemistry Laboratory by using the option Pulverize. The following powdered gems may be created:

  • Powdered Amethyst
  • Powdered Citrine
  • Powdered Diamond
  • Powdered Emerald
  • Powdered Garnet
  • Powdered Jade
  • Powdered Lapis
  • Powdered Opal
  • Powdered Quartz
  • Powdered Ruby
  • Powdered Sapphire
  • Powdered Sunstone
  • Powdered Topaz
  • Powdered Turquoise

Cuttable Gems produce 1 powder per gem. Mined gems produce a quantity based on their size: 1 powder for Small gems, 2 for Medium, 4 for Large, and 7 for Huge. For a calibrated Chem Lab, the output is multiplied by (Calibration Level + 1).

Pulverizing gems will eventually wear out the Lab's Wooden Pestle, and it will have to be replaced.

Required By

Charcoal Brazier, Filleting, Mason's Bench, Steam Rock Saw, Test of the Ritual Tattoo

Pigment Mortar

Produced By