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Storage Basket

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Size N/A
Where Outside

A storage container building, capacity 1000 bulk. This is the smallest storage container that can exist outside a compound (Boxes and Chests must be built inside a compound).

Storage Baskets will eventually decay and vanish, though their maximum lifespan has not yet been observed.

Not to be confused with the basket, a portable item woven from dried papyrus.


Anyone with the carpentry skill can build a storage basket. Will decay, so don't use it as a permanent storage location.

On the second RL day, basket changed to show "Condition : Near-Perfect" No other noticeable change

After the third RL day, Condition reduced to "Serviceable" (When your basket is Serviceable you can't get items out of it, if you tear it down, all the items will drop.)


To build a Storage Basket requires