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Test of Promotion

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  Test of  
  • Level 4
  • Unknown

Test of Promotion
Each week use an Essence of Harmony to predict who in Egypt will advance in rank.
You can only choose 1 person each week.
Your list is not reset each week. Your list will continue to grow over time.
You get points based on what rank each person you choose advances in rank.
Points are awarded based on rank achieved.
1 for student
2 for prentice
3 for journeyman
4 for scribe
5 for master
6 for sage
7 for oracle

If a person you choose advances several ranks in the same week, only the last rank will give you points that week. (Sabuli)

Each week 3 people will pass after 3 weeks from when the test is opened.


You cannot add yourself to your list.