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Test of the Demipharaoh/T6Bans

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Arnold (then Moid), Ullah(then Ulla)

  • 2014-01-25 22:47:11 M:Obol has used the power of the Demi-Pharaoh to permanently exile M:Ullah from Egypt.
  • 2014-01-25 22:46:34 F:cate has used the power of the Demi-Pharaoh to permanently exile M:arnold from Egypt.


Arnold and Ullah were welcomed to Palm Valley guild and within 15 mins had emptied a couple of whs. When challenged they became abusive, spamming personal chats and Main. When Cate arrived Arnold was spamming in Main and Ullah was posting anti-Semitic and offensive fascist gibberish also in Main. Cate explained that their behaviour was offensive etc, and that if they persisted then they would be exiled, but they were welcome to play in the game as long as the rights of others were respected. (PC chat logs available). Cate left posts on DP Inc and started PC with both to find out what was happening and the motivation. Obol and Murtha were there and supporting as well. Motivation was confirmed as 'trolling', having fun, and further insults and threats were made. Some PV goods were returned, but not all. Around this time Pluribus arrived (invisible) and made the offer of support for banning if needed.

Continued abuse and trolling resulted and the exile powers were invoked, as recorded in systems logs.

Arnold then returned as Moid, and Ullah as Ulla and commenced with detailed personal threats and then drug dealing commenced. This was probably just trolling but they did ask if the PC and system chats were secure (no!) and these conversations ceased, so might be worth checking if it recurs. Further conversation directed them towards considering their purpose in the game and the other options that were available. After some conversation about what the game offered, and a fireworks display (thank you Obol) they left without comment.

Cate's PC chats are available if needed, as screenshots.

Geodude, Gaden, Butterfree, Ashkeshum, & Fiduciary

From Kuupid's User Page


Hamadi: picking up the last of my papy.  All done.
Fiduciary: I am offering my papy protection serices for only 10 linen per day.
Geodude: you fucked that word up
kuupid: I don't think so
Geodude: its "linten" not linen idiat
Fiduciary: What the fuck do you know about it.
Geodude: I know more than you, you bean counter!
kuupid: please watch your language we have kids that play this game
Geodude: Really?
Fiduciary: If you don't pay, I can't guarentee your papy will be secure.
Infinyti: time for new laws ;)
kuupid: no, but you don't know where I grow mine :)
Fiduciary: No children will play this fucking game.
Geodude: Ok, just wanted to double check the rules - fuck shit piss black
Infinyti: true.. so you better should go, it seems
Fiduciary: They have call of duty and booty call 7
kuupid: excuse me, I have grand daughters who play this gmae
Fiduciary: Are they hot?
Bessieloo: I'm not a kid, but I don't like the fowl language myself
Fiduciary: are you hot?
kuupid: please watch the language
Geodude: shit shit shit
Geodude: (ball)
Geodude: Any more things you want us to not fucking do?
Fiduciary: why do mines look like piles of poop?
Geodude: pebbly poops
kuupid: we would all like it if you would quit building stuff around camps that don't belong toyou
Fiduciary: no
Geodude: ^
Fiduciary: wait.. will you give me sheeps?
Bessieloo: would really like if you left the game
Fiduciary: No
Geodude: Yeah, I agree, get out fiduciary
kuupid: and geodude would be nice if you left also :)
Fiduciary: Your wish is my fecals Geodude
Geodude doesn't understand what /me means and then farted
Geodude uses harden
Fiduciary uses trustworthy
Fiduciary: Where is your camp kuupid?
Fiduciary uses trustworthy
Fiduciary: You can trust me.
Geodude: Give me 100 linen and I'll leave this region for the rest of the tale (barring going throug the CS of course)
Geodude: Otherwise I'm going to be here all day plopping down wood planes around people's compounds and in any pretty location
Fiduciary: That is a fine wood plane Geodude.
Fiduciary: And also that one.
Fiduciary: And the other one.
Fiduciary: That one also is quite nice.
Geodude: We're just hit

He hit Saledo's place in 7L and built over 210 wood planes where they couldn't expand.  
He also hit Pascalito's place with wood planes

From the Chat Logs

2012-01-20 06:22:14 Geodude: Any digs going on anywhere?

2012-01-20 12:37:37 Geodude: Anybody know where Mortality lives? I was asked to deliver a parcel of goods there.

2012-01-20 13:33:37 Mortality: for those that missed it Geodude is back and griefing again.

2012-01-21 15:24:08 Mortality: FYI Geodude has built an offensive nazi symbol at a players camp and gms are unable to remove it.

2012-01-21 15:31:28 Mortality: he also stole stones from sana and Hulk as they were making gravel, bit hard to ignore him when he does that.

2012-01-23 10:33:48 Akhbeer: geodude up to his old tricks. he's already wood plane bombed MVR

2012-01-24 04:22:34 Lelia: Goodbye Egypt

2012-01-24 04:23:39 Khama: goodbye?

2012-01-24 04:23:39 Sobe: Goodbye or Goodnight? Goodbye is sad Goodnight is ahh cool someone is going Night Night

2012-01-24 04:24:49 Shayra: She seriously means goodbye, Geodude got her camp

2012-01-24 13:55:35 kastou: Oh you can ban geodude even he's not connect ??

2012-01-24 13:55:52 kuupid: no, but I'm waiting for him

2012-01-24 14:09:24 Saledo: Geodude placed his Guildhall and CP in the middle of our camp at 1178, -1271

2012-01-25 17:53:46 F:kuupid has used the power of the Demi-Pharaoh to permanently exile M:butterfree from Egypt.

2012-01-25 18:44:29 Casino: It has come to my Attention that there is currently a belief that in the wee hours of the morning Cegaiel and myself "PAID" Geodude to leave RP and to continue his Griefing in another region, that a load of bullshit, we were attempting to stop hime or if you will 'Lure" him away from the terrorizing of the Guild "ThePoint" as they were attacking it...YES WE did hand him off Linen and they Ceased their griefing of the Guild...If you want to do something about it, come on, but sit on your asses and hide and talk, you got a problem with me come to me or just STFU

2012-01-25 21:50:47 Shayra: I am extremely offended that Geodude has woodplaned new players camps, i was horrifed when I saw them write sexually offensive words across two peoples camps in sand, and I am not alone in being outraged that at least one player has quit over Geodudes offensive and harrasing behaviour. I demand intervention other than the DPs very limited power.

2012-01-25 22:53:25 kuupid: ok to settle some of this as far as Geodude if any of you would like to know

2012-01-25 22:55:13 kuupid: I did ban butterfree, and geodude has been put in jail. Friday he should be banned by special word from Teppy, but it will cost me 2 bans. Also I have word that the wood planes and things will be removed

2012-01-25 23:31:28 Lazybum: geodude has stated in hinterlands chat that if he is not unjailed then he does not plan on coming back this tale but will see us next tale.. i do belive him as he doesnt seem like a liar just an ass

2012-01-25 23:38:32 LuluDivine: ok, after wandering over to hinterlands chat, it looks like it is Ashkeshum who is jailed with geodude.

2012-01-25 23:39:04 kuupid: yes they are both in jail

2012-01-26 17:31:45 TheMazeEcho: Jaxum, that's exactly what Geodude did : building woodplanes all over, without overlapping, and that's why we couldn't intervene to remove the woodplanes.

2012-01-26 17:38:12 LuluDivine: TME and Asheara, teppy has indicated in the past that the 'click on the person and type exile' bit is not meant to be a hindrance, merely a mechanic for banning someone - is there a way the GMs can permissably help a DP accomplish a ban? Is there anything wrong with jailing a person so that a DP can get to them, for instance? I always thought this was reasonable, but geodude did not get jailed for quite some time even after kuupid made it clear she was going to ban him.

2012-01-26 17:40:49 TheMazeEcho: Lulu, until we have the explicit order from Teppy that we are allowed to do so, I won't interfere in DP business.

2012-01-27 04:39:38 F:kuupid has used the power of the Demi-Pharaoh to permanently exile M:Gaben from Egypt.

2012-01-27 04:40:20 Tamutnefret: Is Gaben another Geodude alt?

2012-01-27 04:40:39 Ashkeshum: No, not a Geodude alt, just a Geodude friend.

2012-01-29 15:45:24 kuupid: kuupid here, I need to know what area's were hit by geodude and his group please

2012-01-29 15:45:51 Azunar: Talk with Kastou

2012-01-29 15:45:52 Spooner: the point was one

2012-01-29 15:46:09 Azunar: I know his camp has been screwed by Geodude

2012-01-29 15:46:10 kastou: Kuupid 7l two camp OE 1 camp at east

2012-01-29 15:46:12 kuupid: what regions I should of said :)

2012-01-29 15:46:12 Spooner: saw others around but forget where

2012-01-29 15:46:43 kastou: at least*

2012-01-29 15:47:34 Ariella: kuupid, I know Saledo, Fumen, hobbit were

2012-01-29 15:47:35 Sirtep: Geodude is around again? Ugh.

2012-01-29 15:48:13 Emy: and dano and bobophet

2012-01-29 15:48:16 gronk: kuupid he hit mosi's cp next to me at 749,-1075 7L

2012-01-29 15:48:19 Ariella: Hobbit quit yesterday because of it. Lelia quit before that.

2012-01-29 15:48:51 kuupid: can someone help me with a peitition please

2012-01-29 15:48:51 kuupid: it has to be submited by a DP

2012-01-29 15:49:07 kuupid:

2012-01-29 15:50:28 Ariella: kuupid, CHART has wood planes from geodude too.

2012-01-29 15:50:32 Raki: kuupid I know the MVR camp near MV cs was hit too, with a wood plane swastika

2012-01-29 15:50:36 Nchanter: kuupid are you sure that is "implamented" still this telling?

2012-01-29 15:50:59 kuupid: it says every telling if you read it

2012-01-29 15:51:58 kuupid: only thing we can do is try it

2012-01-29 15:51:58 Nchanter: were you able to actually request the emergency petition from the U Lead?

2012-01-29 15:53:26 Nchanter: kuupid, if you read the law you have linked to, it does. "In order to begin a ballot for an "Emergency Act" a Demi Pharaoh, [or prior to the first DP election a grandson/granddaughter of a DP] must request an emergency petition from the University of Leadership."

01-29 15:55:05 Ariella: I took screen shots of the sexual, vulgar and racist talk that geodude and friends did and emailed those to teppy, btw.

2012-01-29 16:00:14 Asheara: the problem i see with the proposed act is that geodude guilded all his stuff in our camp to the guild team rocket so it still cant be salvaged

2012-01-29 16:00:35 Nchanter: kuupid the Anti-Greifers Act will do what you want it to do.

2012-01-29 16:01:13 Minerva: butterfree and geodude are the only ones in the guild.

2012-01-29 16:01:14 Minerva: one is already banned

2012-01-31 06:32:04 Crashley: vote high on the anti griefers law

2012-01-31 06:32:37 Crashley: so your DP can get out of jail

2012-01-31 06:32:52 Trillian: kuupids in jail

2012-01-31 06:33:17 Crashley: yes, I had her put there to catch geodude

2012-01-31 08:29:46 Bri: Plus, the anti-griefer act still takes 2_ days to process by vote 2012-01-31 08:31:17 Emy: geodude logged in and started griefing 11 days ago, which still means if this law was in effect, he could have been got rid of 9 days ago lol

2012-01-31 14:02:18 Skyfeather: Hey everyone, for the Ballot remember that only the top passing law gets implemented, so it may be prudent to vote up the anti-griefing law, and vote no on the rest. We can always regather petitions for the rest if they don't hit 50%, and we need that law

01-31 15:54:02 LuluDivine: Fiduciary, was, I personally believe, not an alt of geodude, but rather a RL friend. That's mostly conjecture though.

02-06 22:34:23 kuupid: go to the voting booth and vote on geodude to be exiled

02-07 01:27:01 Narmer: what is the reason to exile geodude?

2012-02-07 01:29:28 Phoenixwcu: I think the short version is he has stolen from many public digs, built offesnive art in several regions, harrased people in regional and otherwise just spewed filth

02-07 01:49:25 Phoenixwcu: To the best of my knowledge Geodude has never said a word in his defense despite following htis channel and has instead spammed it with more abuse

02-07 01:55:46 Gyges: I'd generally say that extortion/racketeering constitute "griefing." And even if it didn't, the game will ultimately be more pleasant for lack of Geodude. I, like many residents of 7L, have a number of woodplanes in my yard, which appeared after Geodude said "Give me 50 slate or I'll fill your yard with woodplanes." Fair or not, I'll be happy to see him gone.

2012-02-08 22:30:31 By a vote of 687 to 34 Egypt exiles M:Geodude.

2012-02-09 00:39:43 Feyth: ok who is this ashkeshum?

2012-02-09 00:39:47 kuupid: he is also geodude so you need to vote on him

2012-02-09 00:39:59 LuluDivine: Geodude's alt.

2012-02-09 00:40:16 LuluDivine: We all knew the griefing petition was going to hit the pair of them - they are the same person.

2012-02-09 01:54:02 LuluDivine: Anish, I believe there are a number of griefer buildings built by Ashkeshum - perhaps someone else can definitively verify that.

2012-02-09 01:54:34 Xaxyx: I asked kuupid that specifically, and she asserted that Ashkeshum hasn't done so.

2012-02-09 01:57:30 Rabble: Ashkeshum is Geodude's alt. Like Geodude, he would logout whenever kuupid was online or got close so she wasn't able to ban him via normal DP methods

2012-02-09 02:00:02 oDiS: ashkeshum IS geodude, just to clea the air. He griefed on that character as well. Not only that, but some of geodude's stuff is guilded, and won;'t be able to be torn down until ashkeshum is either banned or unpaid.

2012-02-09 02:00:57 Sabina: Ashkeshum is a trial account

2012-02-09 02:01:04 LuluDivine: Ashkeshum I believe admitted he was geodude multiple times

2012-02-09 02:02:24 oDiS: Not only that but some of the geodude grief buildings is GUILDED. Ashkeshum is an edler in the guild, so until he is banned or EXPIRED, the stuff cannot be removed.

2012-02-09 02:03:44 oDiS: ashkeshum has been confirmed on multiple occasions to in fact be geodude. Ban him, trial or not, and geodude is gone for the rest of the tale no matter what account.

2012-02-10 13:14:31 Anish: no one has explicitly said that the avatar ashkeshum has built this specific building or structure, whilst I don't have any doubt that this is indeed an alt of geodude's, im weary of setting a precedent of banning without physical evidence

2012-02-10 13:17:06 Xaxyx: Yes, Anish, there are buildings that were explicitly built by Ashkeshum, who Geodude has admitted is his alt character. kuupid started the petition for this reason.

2012-02-10 13:17:23 Saledo: As was anything else that was guilded Team Rocket, the proof you are asking for do not exist anymore

2012-02-10 13:18:55 Anish: I thought everything was stamped with who built it

2012-02-10 13:19:24 Saledo: Yes but everything became salvagable once the guild was salvagaged

2012-02-11 00:38:13 By a vote of 328 to 33 Egypt exiles M:Ashkeshum.

2012-02-20 02:03:46 Demi-Pharaoh F:kuupid calls on Egypt to declare M:Gaben a griefer, and starts an Exile ballot.

2012-02-20 01:56:35 kuupid: gaben is one of geodudes alts, but I was asked to try to do pharaoh to see if it would work

2012-02-20 01:59:07 kuupid: well please vote to get rid of gaben :)

2012-02-20 01:59:55 kuupid: his wood planes are still around the buildings at hhof if you want to take a look

2012-02-22 02:03:33 By a vote of 328 to 48 Egypt exiles M:Gaben.



2012-02-20 02:03:34 Demi-Pharaoh F:kuupid calls on Egypt to declare M:Pharaoh a griefer, and starts an Exile ballot.

2012-02-20 01:56:35 kuupid: gaben is one of geodudes alts, but I was asked to try to do pharaoh to see if it would work

2012-02-20 03:39:57 kuupid: ok I am sorry I upset people with the pharaoh ban, but I did explain before I did it, it was a test to see if he was bannable or exempt from being put on the petition. Please forgive me for upsetting everyone

2012-02-20 03:43:26 kuupid: but it sort of did make fun of the law, and showed it can be miss used

2012-02-22 02:03:15 By a vote of 165 to 211 Egypt votes against exiling M:Pharaoh.