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I am a new player, having only begun in this telling. I am interested in this game both because I enjoy it (duh) and also because I am interested in its model of cooperation and rivalry. I also play Minecraft, and I play and help develop roleplay in Imperian, an Iron Realms MUD. In the real world, I am a student of psychology and a Burning Man Ranger.


I offer my services as a gearbox designer for negotiable rates. I prefer to contract for a single gearbox at a time and to agree on a price beforehand. My turnaround is extremely variable, depending on the complexity of the box required. Signs that you have a complex gearbox to design include extremely different output speeds (for instance, one at around 30 and the other at around 500), or three or more outputs. I will submit the solution to you as either a diagram or a written code with instructions on how to decode. Results are guaranteed - if I can't figure it out, I won't demand any sort of payment.

I am currently looking for the following:

  • metals except for copper and iron
  • mushrooms of all sorts
  • your services as a mule for when I need to move lots of stuff at a time
  • donations to River Plains Research goals

Projects and Goals


I'm selling my old compound in River Plains at 1506,2369. It is conveniently close to River Plains Public Works and all their equipment, and just a quick jog from the CS. I'm looking for a couple huge gems.

Disciples of Hypatia

A guild dedicated to improving the wiki.

A Man in the Desert

A replica of Burning Man with numerous structures and sculptures donated and built by the community. More details later.



Base(s) Additive(s) STR DEX END SPD CON FOC PER Duration Creator
6 Fish Oil 1 Shrub Sage -5 11 0 3 4 -6 0 30 Sobe