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User:Korrin/Worship Initiation Script

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Korrin's Worship Initiation Script

29 couples and counting!

  • Tuition costs for each participant: One of the participants needs to get the Ritual Items Construction from the School of Architecture, prior to the Initiation. This person will be Participant #1 in the following documentation
  • #2 should have the mats in pocket needed to buy their tuition for the ritual - if using another school and tuition, this should be noted, and required mats for the tuition should be in your pocket
  • Each Participant should have signed up at the University of Worship for the Initiation

Mats Needed

by participant - decide now who is which participant!

Partcipant 1:

  • Tuition: 10 Linen, 200 Firebricks, 100 Oil – Ritual Item Construction at Sarch– get this before the ritual starts
  • Small Diamond – opening ceremony
  • Flax Seed – for Isis
  • Grilled Fish, to eat - for Amun
  • To build and light torch in Desert – 1 board, 1 canvas, 1 oil – for Ra
  • 1 twine – closing ceremony

Participant 2

  • 1 twine – for opening ceremony
  • Beetle to drop down mine – for Osiris
  • Camel Milk, to drop on grass next to lake – for Bastet
  • Tuition to buy at school – for Thoth (can also get a free tech from a uni for this)
  • Water in Jug – for Closing ceremony

Gods To Please

I have found, in this order, it is the easiest. I have marked each god with the participant that does the action.

  • Horus – bless emote (#2)
    • Chant (#1) - Praise Horus, King of Egypt!
  • Isis – Plant Flax (#1)
    • Chant (#2) - Praise Isis, whose seed is forever fertile!
  • Amun – Consume/eat a grilled fish (#1)
    • Chant (#2) - Praise Amun, who gives us reason to celebrate!
  • Osiris – drop a beetle in mine (#2)
    • Chant (#1) - Praise Osiris, who was Reborn like the Scarab!
  • Bastet – drop milk on grass next to lake (#2)
    • Chant (#1) - Praise Bastet, who teaches grace and elegance!
  • Thoth – Pay tuition at a school (#2)
    • Chant (#1) - Praise Thoth, the Magician who created Science!
  • Ra – build and light torch in desert (#1)
    • Chant (#2) - Praise Ra, of the Blazing Eye!

Notes before starting

OK so you know what your script is now, and you each have the mats required, so it is time now to actually do the ceremony. Remember, there is no talking in MAIN chat except for the chants. There is also no travel or spouse warp. You must actually run. Keep an eye on your time and get back to do the closing ceremony before the clock runs out.

Once an action is done properly, each participant will receive a popup that says it is done. It is at this time that the chant is done. Each participant will then receive the popup saying <GOD> is pleased. You can also check your principles tab to keep an eye on the time and what actions are done, and what chants are done.

If an action is done, you can do the chant at anytime afterwards, even if another action has been done before you say the chant. A good thing to do is to check your tabs when you are running back for the closing ceremony, to see if anything was missed. You can do them again if you did not get it right or done, anytime before closing ceremony.

Altar - Remember you are using the altar pillars, NOT the plates in the hands. You should also note that it is from the altar's perspective, not yours. When instructions say to place on left pillar, it is the STATUES' left, not yours.

Let the Initiation Ritual Begin

Pick an Altar close to the school that needs to have something learned, near a mine, and most important, within quick running distance of desert. To check if a desert is deep enough, click on F8 twice (furthest out camera will go), run in the desert until NO grass area is seen, only sand. Mark the coordinates.

  • #1 meditate on altar to clear it before ceremony
  • Opening Ceremony
    • #1 puts a small diamond on the altars’ left pillar (not your left)
    • #2 puts the twine on the altars’ right pillar
    • #1 meditates on altar
    • #1 take the items off pillars
  • Horus - #2 does the BLESS emote (click on yourself/emote/bless), #1 says Praise Horus, King of Egypt!
  • Isis - #1 plants flax, #2 says Praise Isis, whose seed is forever fertile!
  • Amun - #1 eats/consumes a grilled fish (click on yourself/skills/consume), #2 says Praise Amun, who gives us reason to celebrate!
    • #1 start running West towards the middle desert! Set your camera at double F8, and run west until you see NO grass or water.
    • #2 Runs to the mine
  • Osiris - #2 drops a beetle down the mine, #1 says Praise Osiris, who was Reborn like the Scarab!
    • #2 Runs east towards school. Look for a lake, one with grass on the shore.
  • Bastet - #2 drops milk on Grass, on the shore of a lake, #1 says Praise Bastet, who teaches grace and elegance!
  • Thoth - #2 buys the skill Ritual Item Construction at Sarch, #1 says Praise Thoth, the Magician who created Science!
    • #2 start running back to altar now!
  • Ra - #1 builds the torch in the middle of all sand (double check to make sure you can NOT see any grass or water on the Double F8 view), Projects/tests/build ritual torch. Once built, you must light it. #2 says Praise Ra, of the Blazing Eye!
    • #1 start running back to altar! By this time, #2 should be waiting on you there.

Once you both are back at altar, double check your principle tab – is everything done? Did you miss any chants? Do them now if you did miss anything.

Closing Ceremony

  • #1 put the twine on the altars’ left pillar
  • #2 put the water on the altars' right pillar
  • #1 meditate on altar

DOUBLE ZAPPAGE should occur now! Congratulations!