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Individual Glass Prices

Glass wines!
9.0k+ 60 fine glass rods 2 in stock
8.5k+ 10 fine glass rods +30 in stock
8k+ 5 fine glass rods
7k+ 2 fine glass rods
Trade Option 1 Trade Option 2
1 Thermometer 1 quicksilver and 2 glass pipes 2 quicksilver
Calibration Set
Level 3 kit 40 glass pipes
Dist coil
7.5k+ 10 glass pipes
6k+ 2 glass pipes
hookah bowl 7k+ 10 fine glass rods
common Acorn's Cap. Beehive. Bleeding Hand. Cobra Hood. Camels Mane. Dead Tongue. Eye of Osiris. Hairy Tooth. Iron Knot. Nile Fire. Toad Skin
Less common Colt's Foo,t Earth Light, Falcon's Bait, Fish Hook, Nature's Jug, Nefertari's Crown, Pool Of Tranquility, Ra's Awakening, Scorpion's Brood, Sun Star
Rare Brain Cat Nip, Dung Rot, Dueling Serpents. Heart of Ash. Heaven's Torrent. Peasant Foot, Slave's Bread, Sand Spore, Salt Water Fungus
Ultra Rare Razor's Edge, Spiderling, Golden Sun