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Smoked Herbs


Beer Drinking


Beer Locations



High Yield Balance Vine

High Yield Balance 2 Vine

Wine Research



Alternative Paints

Reactionless Paints

Paint Fun

Raeli Colours

Raeli Colours

Gem Cutting

Gem Cutting Service


  • common -> green (1)
  • mottled -> common (2)
  • phosphorescent, reticulated -> green, phosphorescent, reticulated (1)
  • reticulated, smelly, spongy -> smelly (1)
  • green -> green (5 tries)
  • striped -> common (2)
  • smelly -> smelly (5 tries)
  • smelly, spongy -> smelly (1)
  • dry -> common (2)
  • calico, striped -> calico, hairy



Humble Priests

Humble Priests



Chemistry Research


Metallic Obelisk


Mushroom Ecology Tests

Idea for Improvement of the Pyrotechnics Test

Instead of signing up for shows at the university, we can now go to a specific stadion and schedule our own show.

  • Before a show can be scheduled, at least 7 judges must be signed up at the specific stadion.
  • At least 2 contestants must be specified, and all contestants must confirm the scheduling at the stadion before it is legal and announced on calender.
  • A time and date must be specified
  • The price is a certain amount of paper equal to the price of announcing using a megalopolis.

I also suggest to lower the requirement for judges at the show to 3. There must still be 7 judges signed up, but the show can start with 3 judges only.

Idea for a Beer Brewing 2 tech

This second level of Beer Brewing would make it possible to collect a yeast and use it in beer brewing at the fermentation phase.

To collect a yeast, the brewer must choose the 'Isolate' button on the beer kettle menu. The brewer must also have a substrate in inventory that will be consumed upon start. This will start a fermentation phase for yeast collection. The first yeast entering the kettle can be collected after 600 seconds of exposure to the yeast, provided no other microorganisms enter the kettle before the kettle is sealed.

The substrate is made from a mixture of water, barley and wheat in a kettle, perhaps with some addition of a chemical compound extract. The quality of the extract could be an adjustment factor for the base 600 seconds needed for yeast isolation. Making the substrate requires Beer Brewing 2 tech.

With a yeast in inventory, the brewer can add the yeast during the fermentation phase at any time after the beer kettle has been sealed, and it will work like if the yeast had entered naturally at that time. This requires Beer Brewing 2.

Idea for Heavenly Bodies Test