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Hi! Glad you're here, I have so much to show you! Don't be shy, follow me down the page.

DISCLAIMER: All prices and availability subject to change without notice. Please see bottom of page for trading policies Thanks!

If you're in the market for silk cloth or raw silk you'll find what we have available here.

Raw Silk: 22 Price: TBD
Silk Cloth: 15 Price: TBD

If you're in need of something a little stiffer, like Marbles please scroll this way.

Blood Granite: (quantity available) Price: TBD
Blue Pearl Marble: (quantity available) Price: TBD
Hornets Wing Granite: (quantity available) Price: TBD
Island Blue Marble: (quantity available) Price: TBD
Leopards Paw Marble: (quantity available) Price: TBD
Oyster Shell Marble: (quantity available) Price: TBD
Serpentine Marble: (quantity available) Price: TBD
Tangerine Marble: (quantity available) Price: TBD
Tiger's Eye Marble: (quantity available) Price: TBD
White Travertine: (quantity available) Price: TBD
Yellow Alabaster: (quantity available) Price: TBD

Our wonderful Paint department has all but 29 colors which you can see Here You supply the ingredients and we'll mix your custom colors while you wait. Bring your own mats and there is no charge, although our mixer does appreciate tips. NOTE:Remember that paint ingredients are measured in tenths - This means that if a recipe calls for 2 Carrot and you want 10 units of paint you only need to bring 2 carrots (plus the other ingredients of course). And since we can't give back partial ingredients all costs are rounded UP to the nearest whole ingredient - This means if your total order for paint requires only 3/10 of a saltpeter you MUST bring 1 saltpeter and you will not get any back.

We conclude our tour of our fine shop int the Raeli Tile department. Due to stock limits we have some strict trading policies for tiles. Please read them carefully and make sure you understand them before continuing.

1. Limits on quantity. If we have over 1,000 tiles in stock you may purchase up to 3 blocks of 49 or 10 blocks of 14 tiles of that color in one period. If our stock is less than 1,000 but more than 500 tiles you may purchase up to 1 block of 49 and 2 blocks of 14 or up to 5 blocks of 14 tiles of that color in one period. If our stock is less than 500 but more than 100 tiles you may purchase up to 2 blocks of 14 tiles of that color in one period. If our stock is under 100 tiles you may purchase 1 block of 7 tiles of that color in one period.
1a. A period is defined as 14 real days.
2. Understanding the catalog. Next to the name of each color you will find 1 of 3 things: a. nothing - this means we will accept this color as payment for your order. b. "burnable" - this means we have these color available in one of our ovens. What this does NOT mean is that you can request a special burn, we will burn tiles using our own system so if you see a color you want check back often to see if we have it yet. c. "arranged" - This means that while we don't have the color in one of our ovens we do have trade arrangements to get those tiles so we won't accept them as payment at this time.
3. Pricing. Preferred payment is tile for tile regardless of rarity we will give a 1:1 trade rate. We understand that not everyone can be so lucky as to get a variety of colors(if they could I wouldn't be able to trade with anyone) and some can't even build a single oven. With this in mind we are amenable to trading high stock (over 500) tiles for flax at the same 1:1 rate with the same limitations as a tile for tile trade.

Okay, so you've read it carefully right? You understand it(if not feel free to chat Tammie in-game for clarification (not justification)and agree to it? Great, now you're ready to open our Catalog and browse our selection. Once you've decided on your colors please return here using your browsers back button.

So, you're back. Glad to see it. Hope you found what you were looking for today. You did? That's wonderful. Now to go over who to talk to. If you're looking for Paint, Silk, or Tiles chat Tammie. If you're looking for Marble chat oDiS. Please be ready to make the exchange when you send us a chat as we don't reserve stock. If you think it will take you a couple of days to get everything together then get it together and check back when it's ready to make sure we still have what you're looking for.