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Vigil Prep

So it's time to seriously start prepping for Vigil! Here is what we're going to need before we can even think about lighting the fire.

Basic Mats:
- 1 compound near the altar for on site processing
- 1 cornerstone for said compound
- Bricks, boards, straw, flax, and rotten flax for expansion of said compound - size to be determined.
- Boards and Nails for brick racks
- Firebricks for kilns
- Mats for several hackling rakes
- Mats for several distaffs
- Mats for a few carp shops
- Carp blades for said carp shops
- Mats for 2 more warehouses for supplies

Once the CP is set up and expanded we can build the sacrificial bonfire:
- 2500 wood
- 250 oil
- 1000 Firebricks
- 1 silver bowl - done

How it will work:
- Everyone who puts into the gathering of mats for the warehouses will be allowed to take what they need from the warehouses
- These warehouses are for family only! If it looks like the fire will die without our intervention then we intervene - BUT one of us takes the sac.
- This vigil will stay within the family until such time as the sac's are coming faster than we can handle them on our own. - The reason for going public at all is to help boost our points.
- During the early hours of the fire we will do our best to process the sac requests as they come in, saving our stocks for when it gets too busy to do every sac this way.
- The mats remaining after the fire goes out will remain in the warehouses until such time as everyone in the family has passed the test at which point we will discuss as a family what to do with them.
- Once ALL the mats on the list at the end of this page is complete we will schedule the vigil. Keep in mind that the Goal numbers are a basic minimum we can always build more storage if we go over.
- The most important thing to remember here is that while we are going for a test pass we are also here to have fun!

The List

Item Goal On Hand
Abdju Meat 100
Aluminum Ore 1000
Antimony Ore 1000
Ash 250
Ayu Meat 100
Baskets 50
Beeswax 1000
Boards 2000
Bricks 2000
cabbage 1000
cabbage seeds 5
camel meat 1000
camel milk 200
canvas 300
Carp Meat 100
carrots 1000
carrot seeds 5
Catfish Meat 100
Charcoal 1000
Chicken meat
Chromis Meat 100

Item Goal On Hand
clay 1000 1000
clay mortars 200 200
copper ore 500
crucible 50
cut stone 200
cuttable stone 400
Dirt 500 100
Dried Flax 1000
Dried Pappy 1000
Dung 1000
Fertile Papy 2000
Firebricks 2000
Flax 2000
Flimsy Brick Racks 100
Flint 1000
garlic 1000
garlic seeds 5
Gold Ore 500

Item Goal On Hand
Grilled Fish 150
Honey 750
Iron Ore 500
Jugs 1000
Lead Ore 500 1900
Leather 500
Leeks 1000
Leek seeds 5
Lime 150
Limestone 1000
Linen 300
Lint 1000
Lithium Ore 500
Magnesium Ore 500
Mandibular Glue
Med Diamond 50
Med Emerald 50
Med Quartz 50
Med Ruby 50
Med sapphire 50
Med Stone 50
Med Topaz 50

Item Goal On Hand
Mutton 1000
Nail Mould 50
Oil 1000
Onions 1000 1000
onion seeds 5
Perch Meat 100
Phagrus Meat 100
Platinum Ore 500
Pulley 50
Rope 500
Rotten Flax 3000
Saltpeter 200
Silt 1000 1100+
Silver 100
Slate 1000
Slate Shovel 250
Sm Diamond 500
Sm Emerald 500
Sm Quartz 500
Sm Ruby 500
Sm Sapphire 500
Sm topaz 500

Item Goal On Hand
Stone Blade 500
Straw 2000
Strontium Ore 500
Sulfur 250
Thorns 1000
Thread 1000
Tilapia Meat 100
Tin Ore 500
Titanium Ore 500
Tow 1000
Tungsten Ore 500
Twine 1000
Wood 3000 4000+
Zinc Ore 500


Item Goal On Hand
Cuttable Amethyst 20
Cuttable Citrine 20
Cuttable Garnet 20
Cuttable Jade 20
Cuttable Lapis 20
Cuttable Sunstone 20
Cuttable Turquoise 20