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Petition Request: As signing petitioners, we would like to request a change to limit the grief from exploiting 'wood planes' and similar structures.

When building wood planes in mass, a normal player will cluster them into a small area, less than 9 cords, to create an effective area for making boards. A griefer will spread them out over 20+ cords, ruining opportunity to build, and expand. When the wood plane is built, it could check the area outside of the building zone, for additional buildings of that type, but in the same area. So, when the wood plane is dropped, it would check between 11-30 cords in all directions for multiple wood planes from the same user. If there are more than 6 wood planes outside the building area, but within 50 cords, the player should be restricted from placing the building.

A message should be displayed, much like a water mine built too close.

Additional considerations to change to the structure itself:

- Limit the rate at which a wood plane can be built in mass by a single player. Four per hour may be a reasonable limit.

- Permit the structure to deteriorate faster. After two weeks, the structure could decay and a new one would need to be built in its place.

- Apiary farm uses [1] Timer set to 18 hours.

Thoth's Blessing "Not's":
pappy planting/Yield
pappy seed dryrack
harvesting wood
timer on paper press

page to be removed (used / moved)

Wheat Theory

YRRO= Sand, YRRR=Clay, YRRY=Grass, YRRU=Dirt OOO = Present in all Multi-seasonal Wheat ROYG= Combination seems to increase Yield

Correction: ORRGY= Sand YGU = Dirt GYRRR, YRRR, RRR = All could be clay YRRY= Sand

Note: All "Dirt" has a form of red before the 1st letter (Either red, or orange[yellow and red]

I have yet to disprove that color combinations qualify for both primary colors:

    Green = Yellow and Blue
    Violet= Red and Blue
    Orange= Red and Yellow

The question comes up, why does 'Akhet Wheat: Candomble' not work? KOYRRYUYORRGUROYGUYRRUGYRRYUYYYRRK

There must be something 'canceling' the proper genome, resulting in 'weak stalks' Theory: Reverse genomes (when found a 2nd time) cancel the original effect. So, in the case of YGU for dirt, the genome would be canceled by a later UGY Also, for sand YRRY (since this is a metronome and found twice) would also self-cancel with the second pair. Candomble, I imagine, would be rare at this point. I would test the theory with something more simple.

One simple test may prove or disprove this theory: Akhet Wheat: Palo Mayombe KORRGYUGGYRRUROYGK

-- this bears GYU for 'sand', and also contains ROYG (possible increase yield) near the end. If 'O' is replaced by U in the end sequence
A 'weak stalks' message may indicate "terrain cancellation" when inverted genomes are present.

replace Genome 14 of 16 on Palo Mayombe (O)0.875
with Genome 3 or 9 of 14 on Druze (U) 0.214 or 0.6428
or, better yet 15 of 19 on Akhet Wheat: Wicca KYRROGUORRGYUGRUROYGK 0.789
creating a triple R sequence, only found in dual-seasonal wheat

  • Questioning Palo's YUGGas potential high yield


Coalition Strenghtening a 'semi-offline chore' type of production:

-- As coalition total 'passes' .. much like cicada build, your coalition would increase their ability to 'process' goods.

Example - gravel ... they would be laborers ,which would require goods, like medium stones, to be placed into a coalition building & the result would be a slow offline automated processing of the material.

the workers could have a chance of 'uprising' if the coalition building you are using does not have the same planks as your player.

this uprising would be reduced through a similar 'pass' from test of bureaucracy.

3rd F-8 bing that 'full zoomed'

Extra files / Links:

Misc info (not to lose) 65, 2252 (cu) DoS 220, 2531 (cu) RP 23, 2725 (Fe) DoS 34 2734 (Tin) DoS -124 2935 (Titanium) DoS