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Wiki Translation

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How to translate a wiki page into a different language

This wiki comes with several features that support multiple languages.

  • In your Preferences you can set the language for the wiki user interface. That translates all the templates that come with the empty wiki, but not the user created content.
  • Every page can exist in several languages, though it requires a user to translate the content and to keep it up to date with the main page. The main page is always English. If you start with a translated page, create an empty English page first.
  • TODO: There is way to add inline translations into a page, I just can't find the documentation for it.

3 Easy Steps to translate a page

  1. Add {{Languages}} to the English page you want to translate. A good location is the end of the page.
  2. Create a subpage with your language code. For example to translate this page called Wiki_Translation to German, I create a new page called Wiki_Translation/de.
  3. Add your translated text to the page and put the {{Languages}} code in the same location.

List of language codes

Page Name


Wiki_Translation English
Wiki_Translation/af Afrikaans
Wiki_Translation/ar Arabic
Wiki_Translation/br Breton
Wiki_Translation/ca Catalan
Wiki_Translation/cs Czech
Wiki_Translation/de German
Wiki_Translation/el Greek
Wiki_Translation/es Spanish
Wiki_Translation/fa Persian
Wiki_Translation/fi Finnish
Wiki_Translation/fr French
Wiki_Translation/gu Gujarati
Wiki_Translation/he Hebrew
Wiki_Translation/hu Hungarian
Wiki_Translation/id Indonesian
Wiki_Translation/it Italian
Wiki_Translation/ja Japanese
Wiki_Translation/ko Korean
Wiki_Translation/mr Marathi
Wiki_Translation/ms Malay
Wiki_Translation/nl Nederlands
Wiki_Translation/no Norwegian
Wiki_Translation/oc Occitan
Wiki_Translation/pl Polish
Wiki_Translation/pt Portugese
Wiki_Translation/ro Romanian
Wiki_Translation/ru Russian
Wiki_Translation/si Sinhalese
Wiki_Translation/sq Albanian
Wiki_Translation/sr Serbian
Wiki_Translation/sv Swedish
Wiki_Translation/th Thai
Wiki_Translation/tr Turkish
Wiki_Translation/vi Vietnamese
Wiki_Translation/yue Cantonese
Wiki_Translation/zh Chinese