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Wine Notebook

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Wine Notebooks

You can get the notebooks at no cost from a School of Body. Once you've completed a notebook, you gain a Perception point, and can return to the school to get the next book (if there are further books available).

Beginner Notebook

  • A sampling of 28 Wines (different flavors, including different tier levels)
  • 12%+ Alcohol Wines (14 wines)
  • High Quality Wines (14 wines)
  • 3+ Vintage Wines (7 wines)

Enthusiast Notebook (confirmed for T6)

  • A sampling of 49 Wines
  • Sweet Wines (14 Wines: >10% sugar when bottled; thin wines and 0% alcohol wines count)
  • 13%+ Alcohol Wines (14 Wines)
  • Very Good Quality Wines (21 Wines)
  • Fourteen Old (5+ vintages) Wines

Oenophile (Confirmed for T6)

  • A sampling of 70 Wines
  • Explorations of Berries (21 Wines)
  • Explorations of Spice (14 Wines)
  • Explorations of Dried Fruit (7 Wines)
  • Sweet Flavors of Caramel (7 Wines)
  • Confluence of Coffee and Mint (7 Wines)
  • Confluence of Walnut and Tobacco (1 Wine)
  • Seven very old (9+ vintages) Wines

Sommalier (Sommelier)(Confirmed for T6)

  • A Sampling of 107 Wines
  • Desert Explorations of Flowers (21 Wines) (Per Rabble, Desert=Dessert ~ Sharae)
  • Desert Explorations of Nuts (21 Wines) (Per Rabble, Desert=Dessert ~ Sharae)
  • Selections from Pharaoh's Cellar (21 Wines)
  • Explorations of Vegetables (21 Wines)
  • Extremely old (21+ vintages), Highly Alcoholic (14%+), Caramel Wines (3 Wines)
  • Confluence of Cherry, Tea, and Caramel (7 Wines)
  • Ancient (35+ vintages) Wines (21 Wines)

Mondial (Mondial)(Confirmed for T6)

  • Selections from Pharaoh's Cellar (49 wines)
  • Luxuriously Sweet Confluence of Chocolate and Vanilla (7 wines)
  • Luxuriously Sweet Confluence of Nuts and Berries (7 wines)
  • Very Highly Alcoholic, Very Good Quality wines (7 wines, 15%+ alcohol)
  • Very high quality Confluence of Mint and Honey (7 wines)
  • Confluence of Chocolate, Tea, Lemon, Caramel, and Cloves (Tell Pharaoh when Complete) (1 wine)
  • Twenty eight very ancient (50+ vintages) wines (28 Wines)