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Qty Item Reason
500 Deep Sky Blue Paint
250 Dark Red Paint
350 Forest Green Paint
250 Slate Blue Paint
25 Navajo White Paint
350 Tomato Paint
500 Violet Paint
1500 Bricks for the foundation
400 Gold Foil (25 Gold) for Decorative Inlay
10 Gold Bars (150 Gold) for Decorative Edging
10 Silver Bars (200 Silver) for Decorative Edging
3000 Nails to Secure the Boards
600 NonToxic Rotproof Termite Resistant Boards to protect the base
300 White Glossy Boards
300 Black Glossy Boards
150 Hard Rigid Rotproof Boards as central support
3 Quills for Record Keeping
20 Ink for Record Keeping
200 Papyrus Paper (400 Fertile or Sterile Papyrus) for Record Keeping