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{{Shards|Obelisk Construction 3}}
{{Shards|Obelisk Construction 3}}
{{ATechnology|Obelisk Construction 3|Architecture|level=?|lessons=?|prereqs=0|
{{ATechnology|Obelisk Construction 3|Architecture|level=?|lessons=?|prereqs=0|
     {{ATechResource|Cut Stone|788}}
     {{ATechResource|Cut Stone|788}}

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Obelisk Construction 3
University of Architecture
Level Required ?
Lessons Required ?
Opened In
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Research Costs
Cut Stone 788
Small Sapphire 65
Concrete 400
Papyrus 650
Quicksilver 33
Salt 200
Candle 100

Technology Research

Research Required to List:

Research Needed for Materials:


Research Possible After Opening:

Total # of Req. Techs 0


Allows one to build Cut Stone Obelisk, for the Test of the Obelisk, which must be held for 3 times as long as Desert Obelisk.