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Tech Tree

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Tale 4 information
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  • Techs To List = Prerequisite technologies that must be open in the region to get the target tech listed on the university.
  • Techs For Mats = Additional technologies required for research materials for the target technology
    • If they are not already in the prerequisite chain for that tech.
    • Only the terminal tech in the additional chain is listed.
  • Please use the Discussion page for questions/comments/discussions.

Technology University Techs To List Techs For Mats
Advanced Animal Husbandry Worship Animal Husbandry Agriculture (vegetables)
Advanced Automation Architecture Brick Automation Advanced Metallurgy 3 (for thoth metal and water metal)
Advanced Blacksmithing 1 Art & Music Blacksmithing
Advanced Blacksmithing 2 Art & Music Advanced Blacksmithing 1 Advanced Metallurgy 5
Advanced Chemistry 1 Thought Advanced Glassblowing
Advanced Chemistry 2 Thought Advanced Chemistry 1
Advanced Charcoal Production Body Basic Charcoal Production Blacksmithing (copper sheeting)
Advanced Glassblowing Art & Music Glassblowing
Basic Chemistry
Advanced Metallurgy 1 (steel sheeting)
Advanced Horticulture Worship Horticulture Entomology (Khefre's essence)
Herpeculture (cobra skin)
Advanced Marble Mechanics Harmony Marble Mechanics
Advanced Metallurgy 1 Harmony Metallurgy
Advanced Metallurgy 2 Harmony Advanced Metallurgy 1
Advanced Metallurgy 3 Harmony Advanced Metallurgy 2
Advanced Metallurgy 4 Harmony Advanced Metallurgy 3
Advanced Metallurgy 5 Harmony Advanced Metallurgy 4
Agriculture Worship None None
Airship Construction Art & Music None Bunches....
Alternative Fuels Architecture Deep Well Construction None
Ambrosia Brewing Worship Beer Brewing? Viticulture (for the wine)
Ancient Mechanics Architecture Carpentry Automation
Loom Automation
Mine Automation
Animal Husbandry Worship None None
Aromatics Body Advanced Blacksmithing 1
Automatic Charcoal Production Architecture Advanced Automation
Automation Architecture Gearbox Design
Avian Selection Worship Barley Cultivation Stonecutting (cut stones)
Barley Cultivation Worship Agriculture None
Basic Charcoal Production Body Controlled Burn None
Basic Chemistry Thought None? Blacksmithing (metal products)
Casting (normal glass products)
Basic Metal Treatment Architecture Advanced Glassblowing Neutralization (metal salts)
Toxin Extraction (arsenic)
Basic Trade Leadership Papyrus Paper Fabrication Basic Chemistry (ink)
Beekeeping Worship Animal Husbandry None
Beer Brewing Body Barley Cultivation Papyrus Paper Fabrication (paper for malting trays)
Blacksmithing Art & Music Metallurgy?? None
Brick Automation Architecture Automation
Carpentry Automation Architecture Advanced Automation
Casting Harmony Metallurgy Beekeeping (Beeswax)
Chariot Repair (1) Harmony None Stonecutting (cut stones)
Chariot Repair (2) Harmony Chariot Repair (1) Advanced Metallurgy 1 (steel for cable)
Chemistry Recipe - Arsenic Leadership Advanced Chemistry 1? Advanced Chemistry 2 (compound extracts)
Toxin Extraction (arsenic)
Chemistry Recipe - Explosives Thought Advanced Chemistry 1? Advanced Chemistry 2 (compound extracts)
Pyrotechnic Mortar Construction (barrel grinder for aluminum powder)
Chemistry Recipe - Gear Oil Harmony Advanced Chemistry 1? Advanced Chemistry 2 (compound extracts)
Deep Well Construction (petroleum)
Chemistry Recipe - Gem Glue Body Advanced Chemistry 1? Advanced Chemistry 2 (compound extracts)
Myrmecology (mandibular glue)
Chemistry Recipe - Potash Ointment Art & Music Advanced Chemistry 1? Advanced Chemistry 2 (compound extracts)
Chromatic Touch Art & Music The Science of Color Thistle Gardening (for thistles for silk)
Controlled Burn Body None? Agriculture (leeks)
Stonemasonry 1 (limestone tools)
Cross Breeding Thought Viticulture
Advanced Glassblowing (Distillation coils)
Horticulture (Lily-of-the-Sea Bulbs)
Crystal Acoustics Art & Music Advanced Glassblowing Structural Pottery (rabbit hutches for rabbit pelts)
Thistle Gardening (to feed silkworms for silk cloth)
Deep Well Construction Harmony Advanced Metallurgy 1
Detonation Thought Advanced Chemistry 1
Distillation Thought Basic Chemistry Beer Brewing
Advanced Glassblowing (for distillation coils)
Distillation Experiments Thought Distillation
Dowsing Body None None
Entomology Worship Beekeeping? Advanced Glassblowing (thermometers)
Ferry Construction 2 Art & Music Wood Treatment Thistle Gardening (to feed silkworms for silk cloth)
Fine Balance Thought Gem Cutting
Fine Casting Harmony Casting Basic Chemistry (for powdered gems)
Advanced Metallurgy 1 (for alloys)
Flax Automation Art & Music Automation
Gardening Worship Horticulture Casting (kettles for potash for sheet glass)
Gearbox Design Architecture Stonemasonry Fine Casting (small gears and bearings)
Gem Cutting Thought Water Mining None
Glassblowing Art & Music Controlled Burn None if CB (cc, lime)
Guild Construction Leadership None None
Herbiculture Worship Advanced Horticulture Test of Life (mosses)
Herpeculture Thought Avian Selection
Advanced Animal Husbandry
Structural Pottery (clay domes for rabbit hutches)
The Science of Color (paint)
Herpeculture Experiments Level 1 Thought Herpeculture
Hive Optimization Thought Beekeeping?
Basic Chemistry?
Agriculture (vegetables)
Horticulture Worship Agriculture Stonecutting (pottery wheels for jugs)
Improved Brick Rack Construction Architecture Blacksmithing None
Loom Automation Architecture Advanced Automation
Marble Mechanics Harmony Gearbox Design
Masonry Architecture Stonemasonry Advanced Blacksmithing 1 (sledgehammer for gravel)?
Mass Production of Color Art & Music The Science of Color None
Metallurgy Harmony Mining Stonemasonry (crucibles)
Metallurgy 2 Harmony Metallurgy Advanced Metallurgy 1 (for alloys)
Metallurgy 3 Harmony Metallurgy 2? Advanced Metallurgy 2 (for moon steel)
Mine Automation Architecture Advanced Automation
Mining Architecture Glassblowing
Modern Sheep Farming Worship Advanced Animal Husbandry Distillation (for spirits)
Thistle Gardening
Mutagenics Thought Herbiculture
Advanced Chemistry 1
Advanced Glassblowing
Myrmecology Worship Advanced Animal Husbandry? Advanced Glassblowing (for thermometers)
Wood Treatment
Neutralization Thought Basic Chemistry None
Obelisk Construction (1) Architecture None None
Obelisk Construction 2 Architecture Obelisk Construction (1) Advanced Metallurgy 1 (for pewter)
Obelisk Construction 3 Architecture Obelisk Construction 2 Masonry (for concrete)
Obelisk Construction 4 Architecture Obelisk Construction 3 Wood Treatment
Obelisk Construction 5 Architecture Obelisk Construction 4 Herpeculture (for cobra skin)
Obelisk Construction 6 Architecture Obelisk Construction 5 Gem Cutting
Obelisk Construction 7 Architecture Obelisk Construction 6
Papyrus Paper Fabrication Leadership None Blacksmithing (pinch rollers)
Casting (medium gears)
Perfuming Body The Science of Color Something for Indo Bee Hives....
Pyramid Construction All None Blacksmithing (wire)
Glassblowing (glass rods)
Pyrotechnic Mortar Construction Art & Music Neutralization Papyrus Paper Fabrication (papyrus paper)
Raeli Pottery Art & Music Advanced Glassblowing
The Science of Color
Gearbox Design (gearboxes)
The Science of Color Art & Music Basic Chemistry None
Seed Registry Leadership Crossbreeding Papyrus Paper Fabrication
Sign Construction Leadership None None
Stellae Construction Leadership Sign Construction? Stonecutting (cut stones)
Stone Automation Architecture Automation? Chemistry Recipe - Gear Oil (lubricating oil)
Basic Metal Treatment (treated metal sheeting)
Wood Treatment (treated boards)
Stonecutting Architecture None None
Stonemasonry Architecture None None
Stonemasonry 2 Architecture Stonemasonry Basic Chemistry (powdered gems)
Storage Improvements Architecture Structure Reinforcement? Gem Cutting
Papyrus Paper Fabrication
Neutralization (salts of iron for ink)
Advanced Metallurgy 1 (steel wire)
Test of the Safari (ibis feathers for quills)
Storage Improvements 2 Architecture Storage Improvements Advanced Blacksmithing 1 (9500+ quality shovels)
Stonemasonry (concrete)
Storage Improvements 3 Architecture Storage Improvements 2
Structural Pottery Thought Advanced Glassblowing None
Structure Reinforcement Architecture Automation
Structure Reinforcement 2 Architecture Structure Reinforcement Basic Metal Treatment (treated metal sheeting)
Raeli Pottery (raeli tiles)
Taxidermy Art & Music None None
Thistle Gardening Worship Gardening? Wood Treatment (for treated boards)
Toxin Extraction Thought None Advanced Glassblowing (thermometers)
Beer Brewing and Advanced Metallurgy 1 (beer kettle kits)
Viticulture Worship Blacksmithing Advanced Metallurgy 1 (alloys for barrel vice)
Water Mining Thought Casting Glassblowing
Wood Treatment Architecture Advanced Glassblowing Deep Well Construction (petroleum)
Xenobotany Worship Advanced Horticulture?