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University of Body
Level Required 4
Lessons Required 4?
Opened In
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Research Costs
Sharpened Stick 49
Cactus Sap 1111
Technology Research

Research Required to List:


Research Needed for Materials:


Research Possible After Opening:

  • None
Total # of Req. Techs 0


Allows the assembly of a Dowsing Rod, used to locate veins of metal ore. When carrying one, a Dowsing Icon will allow the checking of the coordinate you are on.

Dowsing starts a Focus timer.

Tips n Tricks

Sometimes the absence of an ore is as important as presence. If you find a gap in a vein of ore, it's quite probable that you have an intersection of rare ore!


i moved the old tale info here as it seems it has been changed


Appears as copper with 0 perception.
Copper veins are long and narrow (5-10 wide and up to 100-200 long. The vein can run in any direction. Seems to stop if entering water)


Appears as iron with 2 perception.
Iron veins are long and narrow (5-10 wide and up to 100-200 long. The vein can run in any direction. Seems to stop if entering water)


Appears as unknown with 2 perception.


Appears as unknown with 2 perception. Aluminum still dowses Unrecognized at 4 Per.

Titanium and Antimony

Perception Required

a dash (-) next to a number means that number or possibly lower, and needs to be updated as discovered

Metal/Ore Type Unrecognized At Recognized At Vein Shape Other Metals Nearby
Copper N/A 0 Linear could be any/none
Iron 1 2 Linear could be any/none
Aluminum 2 5 Linear
Tin 2 4 Blob often @ Copper/Iron intersection
Lead 3 7- Center of Zinc Ring and Blob about +100, +100 NE from Zinc center Zinc
Zinc 3 6 Ring Lead
Titanium 6 10 Spiral with blob of Antimony in the middle Antimony
Tungsten 6 8 Spiral? Magnesium
Antimony 7 13- Blob in middle of Titanium Spiral Titanium
Lithium 7- 13- ?
Silver 7 15 Linear with Gold at one end Gold
Strontium 7- 14 Blob Iron
Magnesium 8- 16- Spiral Tungsten
Platinum 13- 24- ?
Gold 15 24 ?

  • Notes

Antimony not recognised at 10 Perception.

Strontium deposits form four-point diamonds -- each point of the diamond is very small, frequently supporting only one mine. The points are located at the North, South, East, and West compass points, and the distance between diametrically-opposed points is 50 coords. -InambaGuum (Tale 3 but still valid)

Platinum unregonised with 17 Perception, along with gold. - Toldy