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Chromatic Touch

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Chromatic Touch
University of Art
Level Required 10
Lessons Required 18
Opened In
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Research Costs
Linen 1000
Silk Cloth 100
Light Cyan Paint 335
Lawn Green Paint 478
Snow Paint 1692
Brown Paint 953
Aquamarine Paint 336
Indian Red Paint 968
Coral Paint 1120
Medium Blue Paint 594
Dark Slate Gray Paint 912
Blue Paint 964
Tan Paint 159
Cornflower Blue Paint 1910
Purple Paint 538
Dark Orange Paint 171
Light Coral Paint 560
Linen Paint 1030
Light Sea Green Paint 1177
Floral White Paint 410
Slate Blue Paint 1164
Honey Dew Paint 1340
Gray Paint 310
Medium Slate Blue Paint 1489
Fuchsia Paint 1031
Turquoise Paint 1585
Medium Spring Green Paint 313
Dim Gray Paint 1185
Light Yellow Paint 882
Technology Research

Research Required to List:

Research Needed for Materials:

Research Possible After Opening:

Total # of Req. Techs ?


Allows Silk Cloth to be made into colored ribbons in a Pigment Laboratory.