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Paint is used to provide color to various projects.


Created in a Pigment Laboratory using various quantities of ingredients. The 11 ingredients are:

The 4 catalysts are:


It is primarily used as a building material, and in research.

Our ancestors could also use paint to color their compounds. This is no longer possible in modern-day Egypt, but Teppy has mentioned that future types of compounds may include paintable areas.


Recipes involving the catalysts are Character Specific and thus will be different from person to person.

Some Base ingredients react with each other, the magnitude and direction of this reaction is also character specific.

Reactionless Paint Recipes involving just the base ingredients that don't react with each other can be used by anyone.


I have discovered, and this may be old information but I have not seen it, that if your avatar name is the same as past tales, your paint reactions remain the same. Have verified with several different avatars and has held true on all I have checked. So if you have run your reactions in past tales and are using the same avatar name, try your old recipies. They should work! -Aberdon

I changed names from Ofalot in tale 4 to Ofabit in tale 5, there was minimal changes in reactions, many recipes still work. (Maybe if two people have similar names, they can share recipes?).

Getting a reaction

See earlier tale guides...

Rough macro that works out reaction after the first two ingredients are added. A little quirky for the moment, need to restart the macro after each run. Resize the veggietales window to see the information under the buttons. Press buttons in the macro to add ingredients.

Guide on how to use Veggie tales (vt), paint watch (pw), and practical paint(pp):

Illustrated guide to walk new players through paint theory and the complete process of getting reaction values and tweaking recipes using Veggie Tales, Paint Watch, and Practical Paint:

Required By

Buildings, Ceremonial Voting Booth, Distract of Sky, Gazebo, Guilds/Hapi-ness/Paint, Guilds/Hapi-ness/Phoenix, Guilds/Pished Hermits/projects, Hexaglyph Tablet, Lesser Sphinx, Modern Sheep Farm, Raeli Mosaic, Sequence of Order, Serpentarium, Silkworm Farm, Small House, Test of Hexaglyphs, Test of Khefre's Children, Test of Seven Phoenix, Test of the Pulse of the People, Test of the Raeli Mosaic, Throne of Pharaoh/Throne Decoration Materials