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Carrots are one of the five basic vegetable types. They are grown on grassy terrain from Carrot Seeds. They are used in cooking, can be grated in a Kitchen to make carrot juice, and are the sole diet of rabbits in captivity.

To grow carrots, plant a carrot seed in a grassy area. Water the plant immediately, and water it again each time it changes size. Harvest once the option appears.

After manually growing 1000 carrots, you will gain the option to accumulate them automatically as an offline chore.

Research and Tuition



Carrot yields vary. The base harvest is 1 carrot per seed, but there are periodic windows of opportunity during which yield gradually increases to a maximum of 20 or more, then falls back to 1. These high-growth periods are sometimes called "carrot waves" because of the way they appear to move across Egypt. It's best to do intensive growing while a carrot wave is passing through your area.

Seed Production

See Vegetable Seeds

See also

The general vegetables page, as well as Cabbage, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Leeks, Onions, Peppers.

Aetherfang's Carrot Research

Required By

Cooking, Epreuve des Festivals, Essential Extract, Grilled Food, Test of Festivals, Test of Towers

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