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a cucumber

Cucumbers were a kind of vegetable known to our ancestors.

They are used for cooking level 6 tuition, and can be used for cooking, either raw or grilled.


Watering interface

They are planted on grass much like cabbage and carrots.

But unlike those, they can be watered with 1~7 jugs at each of the 4 watering phases, like pepper.

Yet, unlike peppers, a cucumber plant will always reach full maturity after 4 watering, and always grows the same way.

The following is just observation from me --Mehrane

While I'm definitely sure the plant will always grow the same way visually, I have trouble finding patterns in watering. My tests were not very structured, but while the yield varied slightly (at a known cucumber aqueduct tower), it wasn't by much, and it wasn't always in multiples of 3. I just can't shake the feeling that the time of day actually influenced the yield. I started in the morning, and yield may just have raised according to the sun, for all I know.