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Vegetables refer to the various edible plants which can be grown and harvested from seeds. All vegetables can be grilled in a Firepit or cooked in a Kitchen; most have other uses as well.

Egypt has access to the five standard vegetables -- cabbage, carrots, garlic, leeks, and onions -- the seeds of which are available to paid accounts from Universities of Worship where the Agriculture tech is open.

A sixth vegetable, peppers, was introduced to Tale 6 during the "Race of the Phoenix" event on December 10, 2011. Pepper seeds were given out as one of the prizes in the race.

watermelons, cucumbers, and eggplants are now available.

How To Grow

All vegetables are grown from Vegetable Seeds. Vegetables can only be planted in the proper terrain: grass for cabbages and carrots; sand for garlic, eggplants, leeks and onions; and dirt for peppers.

All five standard vegetables and eggplants are grown in the same way. Planting a seed produces a tiny vegetable; this must be watered from a jug quickly or it will die back into a seed. A vegetable that has been watered will soon grow to the next larger size, at which time it should be watered again or it will shrink. When a vegetable reaches maximum size, it may be harvested. A vegetable must grow four times before it can be harvested, which means at least four waterings (more if they shrink on the way).

To sum up: Water upon planting, then again each time the vegetable changes size. With the exception of onions and peppers, overwatering (watering more then once between growths) will result in it dying and reverting to seed.

Some towers give a large (3x) bonus to vegetable yields for one random type of vegetable when grown near the tower. Here is a map of towers with known bonuses.

If you know of a location other than that of a bonus tower that produces a good yield, please post the coordinates here for research purposes.

List of Vegetables


Yield Location Gardener Date/Time
12 598, -783 Flowbar
20 254, -308 Zen 10:07am
20 4300, -732 (pond north of CotS chariot) Avanya
20 -4302, -442(north of CotS Chariot) sana

Obtained halved cabbage yield standing next to one person when growing (not three, not four, not six. Worked with both genders.) -Indra

Obtaining half yield in SE at dawn on Peret I-1...located at 1042, -5781 by the tower (no cabbage bonus) getting 4 instead of 8. Went back to normal later that day. - Hyksos


Yield Location Gardener Date/Time
10-15 4150, 3881 farmer Carrots yielding 10 at 2pm until 3pm yielding 15. in sinai
13-14 2166,2821 Tribisha Yield started to drop off from 14 at approx. 4:36pm. Short run from RP CS, next to water

Carrot sweet spots are moving across the map, with a max yield in the center of something like 12-16, dropping down to 1 the further away from the center of the sweet spot you get (the drop might be 1 carrot less for every 2-3 coords away from the sweet spot). The sweet spot is moving slowly, so growing a batch (takes a couple of minutes9 and moving a couple of coordinates in the direction the sweet spot is moving will give a maximum yield every time.

Around my compound carrot sweet spots pass by in the SW direction. -Flowbar


Garlic yield is avatar dependent.

Yield Location Gardener
18 0,4300 Tunnen


Yield Location Gardener
8 1326 -860 (near University of Worship in Seven Lakes) Eugie
11 4267, 2936 AbesGhost
13 625, -715 (just west of S Lead in Seven Lakes) MrStoned
14 near MV U Lead Ay
21 250, -300 (Seven Lakes)
19 4290, -765 (CotS Chariot) Avanya
20 4302, -442 (north of CotS Chariot) Avanya
21 4668, -216 (north of CotS Chariot)
25 260, -480 (Seven Lakes) Ptonum
30 1250, 2025 (River Plains)

I got a half yield when planting next to my spouse at a bonus tower in RP. - Hyksos

I just got a 1/2 yield on my first harvest of leeks (6 instead of 13). It is possible the 'cursed tree' effects leeks as well as onions, or there is some other step that I took which was close to what was needed to produce a seed but not quite. I grew and dried a large amount of papyrus today, I can't think of anything else I did out of the norm. I have also experinced the half yield after woodgathering. Other possible actions, gathering resin and brewing beer. Naia


Yield Location Gardener
7 near -500, -500 (West of S Harmony Seven Lakes) MrStoned
10 4267, 2936 AbesGhost
12 1113,275 Stoneyard
13 0,0 Stoneyard
13 4108, 3913 (Sinai, just east of UArt)
14 4071, -314 (UoArt in CotS)
15 -78, 4265 (Sarch in 4 corners about 2 mins run form cs)
0 -78, 4265 (Sarch in 4 corners about 2 mins run form cs)

Seed Yield Table

Seed Name Time Location Gardener
Onion Peret III-17,9:10AM 670, -565 ( Seven Lakes) Saros

Yield looks like a diagonal wave pattern to me. For example @ the CS in Sinai it's always 4. Going west slowly increases yield until you reach the coast line (west of UThought @2220 5010). Going east had the same effect only it went up to 13. Didn't venture farther than 4463 3758 though. Going north or south doesn't seem to have (much) effect on yield. --entux

Seeds can be reproduced by harvesting wood from a certain, avatar specific tree (not tree type!) prior to planting the onion seed. The tree may change over time. Some other trees are will give half yield on the next harvest, these trees are not cursed or bad, they enable you to ping the tree that will give you extra seeds. Half yields will only occur if you have harvested wood from a tree that is close to your specific seed tree. (I disagree, I find "cursed" trees that give half yield here and there, but not in the vicinity of my seed generating tree. -Flowbar)

I did a test while bored growing onions:
Stout Palm followed by Bottle tree(a) followed by Bottle tree(b)= cursed
Bottle Tree(b), followed by Bottle Tree(a), followed by Stout Palm =cursed
Stout palm followed by Bottle tree(a) = not cursed
One of the Bottle trees was cursed to me but not the other, Bottle tree(b)



Yield theory

Reproducing seeds: A second seed is produced if you plant a watermelon seed immediately after finishing a bridge cut gem and tend to harvest size. Found by Harvey, verified by Nemoder and tested by Cate. We all used different gems. I watered with 2 water to harvest size with success, so seed reproduction is not tied to maximum yield tending. And it looks like harvest yield is halved when a seed is reproduced. Normal tend produced 10 watermelons, 5 were produced with the extra seed. - Cate 15/5/2014 Harvest yield is halved after cutting any gem any cut. But except of bridge with just 1 seed. - Harvey 15/5/2014

  • Today, during the Gem Cutting Trial Event, I found my 'secret cut' to be a Full Eye, the same as my Bijou. On a hunch, I checked Harvey's Bijou, and it too happen to have matched . . .a bridge cut. Koinif 11:41 06/7/2014 (PST)


Pepper yield changes every Egypt day. To find out which watering pattern gives the highest yield, try finding which watering makes the plant grows fastest. Pepper is harvestable after the plant reaches a certain size. You'll want to water it in such a way as to make it grow the fastest. This will take about eight watering. Thanks Asnath!

Found this recipe: 211-142 for a yield of 18 /Catote (male)

The first day I was getting 19 yield for 346761. Other people in regional chat confirmed they were getting the same yield for the same sequence, as well as a couple people in other regions I mentioned it to during the phoenix race. The following day the recipe no longer worked. I believe it is a global recipe that changes every so often (per egypt day?) --LehmanHotep 15:17, 11 December 2011 (EST)

I grew an extra pepper seed, but no idea how. It was the first time I grew peppers, so might have been anything I'd done since start of tale. Mebala


Yield Mapping

Static Vegetable Yield Mapping