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Cobra Hood Mushroom

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Cobra Hood Mushroom

A type of Mushroom.

Copied from Tale 3 wiki, Cobra Hood Known Spawn Time: 3:36-5:06 Location/Info: Similar to Iron Knot. Found on the same terrain and often in the same area. Very common.

Cobra Hood Mushroom


  • Adn 975 7194; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet III-1 4:33am
  • Nomad's Paradise -971 4269; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet II-1 4:15am
  • Nomad's Paradise -1430, 2750; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet II-11 4:40am - 4:50am
  • Nomad's Paradise -1428, 2734; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet II-20 3:45am - 4:45am.
  • Stillwater 1905, 3751; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet IIII-2 3:35am - 4:45am
  • Stillwater 1442, 3663 Year 1, Peret III-23, 4:30AM North side of mountains across river and East of S Thought.

Was NOT present at 3:25am!

  • Shabbat Ab 1108, 2255, Around the edges of the Oasis

[Lots of shrooms were around 1047, 2259 at 4:15am]

  • Khmun -108, -2487: Year 1 Akhet IV-21
  • Despawn time 5:06 AM
  • Stillwater 1008, 2508; seen Year 1, Peret III-1, 4:30AM found over 50 spawned on all types of terrain in the high mountain
  • Queen's Retreat 1667, -7364; Discovered Year 1, Peret III-15, 4:55am. 50+ mushrooms, all along the mountain. Despawned at 5:06am.


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