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Stat timer

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Preliminary information gathered during Beta. Please correct as needed, as we learn more.

What We Know

  • Stats have a certain number of points available for use.
    • teppy said END has 256. Most likely this means all do.
  • Actions using a stat will consume a certain number of points.
    • Varies by action.
  • The color of the stat name roughly indicates how many points you have available.
    • Black: >50% points available
    • Dark red: Between 0 points and 50% available
    • Bright red: 0 or negative points available
    • There is no indicator for "fully recharged," e.g. back to full points.
  • When your points drop to 0 or go negative, you will not be able to do any actions using that stat.
  • Points regenerate over time.
    • The speed at which you regain points depends on your current level in that stat.
    • Specifically:
      • stat 0 = 5 sec of points in 5 sec (7/7th the time)
      • stat 1 - 7/8 that time
      • stat 2 - 7/9 that time

Putting It Into Practice

  • Method 1 - Keep It Out of the Red
    • Do an action
    • Wait to let points regenerate
    • Repeat the action
  • Method 2 - Burst Mode
    • Do an action
    • Repeat the action until stat goes red
    • Wait to let points regenerate
    • Repeat the action

In the long run, it will take the same amount of time to do a series of repetitive actions with either method. Choose the method that works best for your particular situation and play style.

The presence of the timers, in general, encourages multitasking, combining activities that use different timers or timed and non-timed actions.

  • If you are combining tasks in close proximity, either method probably works well.
  • If you are combining tasks that involve running around, method 2 works better.
    • Example: combining flax processing with wood gathering.
      • Process three times quickly til END is red.
      • Run around gathering wood.
      • Arrive home with a reset timer and repeat.

Actions with Timers






  • Mining metal ores.


1024-point buffer?

In empirical testing in release, it seemed like you can store more than two minutes of time at stat zero (noted by being unable to dowse if you wait 110 seconds after turning from red to brown, but may dowse twice if you wait 130 seconds). Also, the change from brown to black seems to be much faster than this. After further testing I propose the following model, which appears to be correct within 10% or so and uses familiar numbers:

  • 7 points gained per second at stat 0
  • 1024 points in a pool (meaning approximately 2:26 to regen at stat zero)
  • Color change from red to brown at 0, brown to black at 147 (which is 1/7 of 1024)

Zerda 21:24, 16 December 2008 (EST)