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Raeli Colors

Papy drying spot

1800 -1424 20+ hammocks + 20+ racks, 600', average 2/2.5 seed per dried papy

Public Works

Located in Sterope near SArch/SArt north of CS.

Compound 1403. -1064

  100s Petroleum
Blonde Glossy
 120s Water in Jugs, 30s Saltpeter, 30s Oil 
Hard Rotproof
 10s Oil, 10s Lime, 10s Petroleum, 10s Lead, 10s Sulfur, 10s Lime, 10s Oil, 20s Beeswax (total:1m30s) (CONFIRMED)
 24s Water
Rotproof Termite-Resistant
 10s Lead, 60s Sulfur, 10s Oil, 40s Petroleum (total:2m00s) (CONFIRMED)
Rotproof Nontoxic
 10 Saltpeter, 7 Lead, 7 Sulfur, 7 Lime, 7 Saltpeter, 9 Oil, 10 Beeswax, 10 Water, 7 Beeswax (total:1m9s) (CONFIRMED)
Rotproof Black
 1 Lead, 7 Sulfur, 7 Lime, 50 Beeswax, 8 Ash, 8 Oil, 8 Petroleum
Pliable Fireproof Nontoxic Blonde
 10 Water, 10 Petroleum, 10 Lead, 10 Potash, 10 Petroleum, 10 Lime, 10 Oil, 10 Ash, 60 Saltpeter
Volatile Rotproof Black
  120s Petroleum
Pliable Soft Termite-resistant Nontoxic Blonde (Nontoxic Termite-resistant)
  130s Saltpeter 20s lead (total:2m30s)
Pliable Soft Termite-resistant Nontoxic Blonde (Nontoxic Termite-resistant)
 120s Saltpeter, 10s Petroleum
Soft Fireproof White
  100s potash 10s lime
Soft Fireproof Rotproof Blonde
  40s lime, 10s oil, 30s beeswax, 10s water, 30s potash, 10s lime
Soft White Glossy
 120s Water in Jugs, 30s Saltpeter, 20s Petroleum, 10s Oil, 30s Potash
Rigid Hard Fireproof Black
  160s lead, 20s lime, 25s ash, 20s sulfur, 5s Lead
Hard Volatile Black
  60s oil, 40s Petroleum, 15s sulfur
Soft Fireproof Nontoxic Blonde
  90s potash, 10s lime, 10s saltpeter
Pliable Soft NonToxic White
  140s Saltpeter, 7s Potash
Rigid Hard
  90s Lead
Rigid Hard Black
  150s Lead
Rigid Hard Termite-resistant Black
  250s Lead
Rigid Hard Glossy
  90s Lead, 30s saltpeter, 10s petrolium, 10s Lead, 30s beeswax, 5s Lead
Rigid Hard Termite-resistant
 65s Sulfur, 55s Lead

K-Values:	4,48	4,56	5,10	4,83	4,78	4,54	4,54	3,91
Hard Stainless Titanium: 17s Lime, 7s Coal, 7s Cactus Sap, 7s Gravel, 15s Potash
Hard Stainless Insulative Sunsteel: 8s Arsenic, 7s Lime, 7s Coal, 7s Cactus Sap, 7s Gravel, 7s Arsenic, 7s Potash, 9s Lime, 7s Cactus Sap
Stainless Insulative Sunsteel: 40s Cactus Sap, 10s Gravel, 15s Potash
Ductile Hard Stainless Toth's Metal: 20s Sulfur, 10s Lime, 10s Coal, 10s Cactus Sap, 30s Gravel, 15s Potash
more recipes

== Metal Treatment Recipes ==

WARNING: T4 recipes, need to be verified and adjusted for the new tank!!!
Adjusted recipes are in bold, old ones in italics
  • Aluminium: Ductile Hard: 10s cabbage juice, 60s saltpeter, 60s lime, 10 coal (Ka)
  • Aluminium: Ductile Hard Insulative Nontoxic: 10s cabbage juice, 140s cactus sap, 10s saltpeter, 20s gravel, 20s lime, 10s coal (Ka)
  • Copper: Shiny Plastic Stainless Insulative: 210s gravel, 30s salt, 5s cabbage juice, 25s arsenic (Ka)
  • Copper: Ductile Shiny Corrosion resistant Insulative Toxic: 210s gravel, 10s potash, 10s sulfur, 7s saltpeter (Ka)
  • Copper: Ductile Nontoxic: 20s cabbage juice, 70s cactus sap, 35s gravel, 20s lime (Ka)
  • Cooper: Hard Stainless: 65s coal, 20s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 7s arsenic (steam shovel)- YES
  • Gold: Plastic Nontoxic: 295s Cabbage juice, 57s cactus sap (Ka)
  • Iron: Hard Corrosion-resistant: 40s coal, 35s cactus sap, 10s gravel (lime auger)- YES
  • Lead: Tarnished Hard Insulative Nontoxic: 10s potash, 120s coal, 10s cabbage juice, 57s cactus sap (Ka)
  • Magnesium: Conductive Toxic: 20s potash, 20s saltpeter, 40s cabbage juice, 10s sulfur, 10s saltpeter (Ka)
  • Moon Steel: Hard Nontoxic Insulative: 170s cactus sap (phoenix)
  • Moon Steel: Plastic Nontoxic Ductile: 20s gravel, 70s cabbage juice, 10s cactus sap, 20s gravel, 60s lime, 4s cabbage juice (auto loom hopper upgrade)
  • Octec's Alloy: Hard Stainless Shiny: 20s lime, 14s coal, 14s sap, 30s gravel, 12s arsenic (Sphinx)
  • Pewter: Hard Corrosion resistant: 10s potash, 10s saltpeter, 10s arsenic, 30s coal, 10s cactus sap, 10s gravel (phoenix)
  • Sun Steel: Stainless Insulative: 50s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (reinforced kiln)
  • Sun Steel: Hard Stainless Insulative: 110s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (7x reactory hopper upgrade)
  • Steel: Hard Stainless Shiny: 90s cactus sap, 50s gravel, 10s arsenic (Sphinx)
  • Strontium: Stainless Tarnished: 150s coal, 40s gravel, 20s arsenic (Ka Test)
  • Thoth's Metal: Hard Stainless Ductile: 5s salt, 10s sulfur, 15s lime, 15s coal, 10s cactus sap, 10s saltpeter, 15s gravel, 15s potash (auto sawmill hopper upgrade)
  • Titanium: Stainless: 20s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (water filter)
  • Titanium: Hard Stainless: 30s coal, 40s cactus sap, 10s gravel, 10s arsenic (4x reactory hopper upgrade)
  • Titanium: Hard Corrosion-resistant: 40s coal, 20s cactus sap, 6s gravel (steam shovel)- YES
  • Tungsten: Hard Corrosion-resistant Isulative Nontoxic: 150s cactus sap, 5s gravel (Ka)
  • Tungsten: Brittle Hard Shiny Stainless: 70s cactus sap, 10s cabbage juice, 40s arsenic, 10s coal (Ka)
  • Tungsten: Stainless Conductive: 30s coal, 80s potash, 10s saltpeter, 20s arsenic, 10s cabbage juice, 10s sulfur (Ka)
  • Tungsten: Corrosion resistant Conductive: 30s coal, 60s potash, 10s saltpeter, 20s arsenic, 10s cabbage juice, 10s sulfur (Ka)
  • Zinc: Hard Insulative Nontoxic: 110s cactus sap (Ka)

Compound 1403. -1073

Compound 1386. -1081

Compound 1385 -1080

4 Water Mines Nearby

1384, -1072

1319, -1087


  • 1708, -1129 Oyster Shell Marble (A472-A543 gearbox installed) (C139-C160,H273-H319 gearbox installed)
  • 1474, -425 Night Granite (E235-E261 gearbox installed) (C117-C145,F295-F360 gearbox installed)
  • 1478, -1061 Serpentine Marble (Patriarch) (C271-C317 gearbox installed) (D416-D466,H151-H181)
  • 1298, -1145 Jade (B75-B90 Gearbox installed) (C467 G467 gearbox installed)
  • 1270, -1208 Canary Granite (G120 gearbox installed) (A192-A232,H11-H13)

Limestone Augers

Open to all members to take any products they are going to use. Please wind and/or try to tune them if you're in the area. (Limestone patch just east of the SBody)

  • 1304,-461 (not public)
  • 1302,-472 (not public)

Public Apiaries

  • 1387,-1210 (7)
  • 1375,-1234 (4)
  • 1339,-1243 (7)
  • 1362,-1225 to 1320,-1230 (A line of 8 apiaries headed east-west)
  • 1311,-1237 (7)
  • 1295,-1244 (7)
  • 1297,-1230 to 1299,-1064 (A line of 73 apiaries)

Other Projects: