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Events/Grandfathers Relics

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Grandfather's Relics

Begins Sunday, January 1, 2012 8:35
Ends Tuesday, January 31, 2012 8:35 AM

As we sat by the fire, our day's toils done, we sighted an old man hobbling towards us. His stride was weak and faltering, but full of purpose. Our own chatter dimmed as he approached closer, each one of us turning to watch him. "What is it Grandfather, why have you come?" He said, "Listen well young ones, while I tell you my tale."

"In generations past the people of Egypt have raised up great works to honor their achievements." His eyes began to mist as if he was remembering a great pain long past. "A long time ago a great evil befell our great land. They came from across the sea to the north. They were savages, armed as much with a lust for plunder as with iron. They had only love for the gold and silver they might pry from our great works." He coughed with a rattling breath. "We could not stem the tide." He leaned in closer, as if the agents of these long ago demons still haunted the land. "But they would not get our heritage.Pharaoh had one last trick up his sleeve. He would hide the Monuments from the invaders. He called together all the great leaders of the Disciplines and gave to them a relic. One each from the monuments of our ancestors. Each relic was a key to bringing it back into the world. He bade each of them to hide these relics where they would not be found by the foreigners, so that we might find them again when the time is right. I am old now, this body is failing me, soon I will go to meet my ancestors. Before I do I have one last task to do for my Pharaoh. I cannot do it alone. So I charge you with a quest. You must find these relics. I cannot tell you where they are exactly, only that they are near where the monuments once stood. You will need a special shovel to unearth them. Find them and bring them to the center of our world. There I will have started a suitable shrine for them. You must finish it, and then, only then, will we be able to uncover our heritage."

Relic Hunting Tips

  • Relics have somewhere between a 15 and 1 coord radius for searching. The one known relic located was found 1-2 coords away
  • Relic found after Radius change on Quality of Shovel found a relic at 5 coords with an 8500 shovel
  • Relics may be located in the middle of interesting spots of the terrain
  • Rephic's Compass was found after the shovel quality change. With a 7630 shovel, it was uncovered from 5 coordinates away, detected from 6 to 11 coordinates away, and found nothing from 13+ coordinates away. With a 6028 shovel, nothing was found from 6+ coordinates away.

Reliquary Information

Shrine's(Oracle's Reliquary) storage chest is at 86, -41. Use the chest Grandfather has placed explicitly for that purpose at his camp.

Grandfather constructed the Oracle Reliquary on January 12, 2012, placing the collected relics inside. He then bade farewell to Egypt after offering his congratulations.

It required

15/15 Oyster Shell Marble
15/15 Mud Granite
15/15 White Travertine
15/15 Yellow Alabaster
10,000/10,000 Bricks
5000/5000 Boards
1000/1000 Nails

It also requires 1 each of the following relics.

Relic Name Dicipline Telling Monument At Relic At Found By Found on Stashed
Rehpic's Compass Architecture Tale 1 [1] (-1899, -2020) (-1941, -2092) Milythael Year 1, Akhet IV-8 X
Sigil's Brush Art and Music Tale 1 [2] (929, 4959) (892, 4962) Dreasimy Year 1, Akhet IV-11 X
Ajar's Cards Conflict Tale 1 [3] (870, -1990) (880, -2044) Rabble Year 1, Ahket IV-9 X
Dragyn's Net Human Body Tale 1 [4] (-449, 1958) (-542, 1996) McArine Year 1, Akhet IV-11 X
Safira's Diadem Leadership Tale 1 [5] (-42, 132) (-102, 232) Skyfeather Akhet IV-10 X
Hekatef's Cap Thought Tale 1 [6] (1550, -583) (1561, -518) Milythael Akhet IV-10 X
Zisoni's Spark Worship Tale 1 [7] (969, 5320) (943, 5275) Rabble Akhet IV-9 X
Caeser's Light Worship Tale 1 (Kemet) [8] ~(1393, 5777) (1042, 5395) Rabble Akhet IV-9 X
Gumby's Level Architecture Tale 2 [9] (3065, -4045) (-1940, -2027) Blueshift Year 1 Akhet IV-5 X
Jemgirl's Pearl Human Body Tale 2 [10] (1346, 715) (-520, 1953) McArine Year 1, Akhet IV-8 X
Kaayru's Cornet Leadership Tale 2 [11] (2600, 1970) (-8, 238) Rabble Akhet IV-10 X
FaceAnkh's Wisdom Worship Tale 2 [12] (2380, 3210) (1043, 5298) Rabble Year 1, Akhet IV-9 X
Yendor's Plumb Architecture Tale 3 [13] (2700, -20) (-1930, -2068) Rabble Akhet IV-11 X
Eigam's Baton Art and Music Tale 3 [14] (3340, 8020) (962, 5030) Dreasimy Year 1, Akhet IV-11 X
Asheara's Scale Harmony Tale 3 [15] (549, -3878) (556, -3854) Asheara Year 1, Akhet IV-10 X
Telanoc's Needle Human Body Tale 3 [16] (2943, 4725) (-424, 1914) McArine Year 1, Akhet IV-8 X
Deeva's Tiara Leadership Tale 3 [17] (-891, -663) (47,89) Rabble Akhet IV-10 X
SunnyOne's Gown Thought Tale 3 [18] (-1570, 3030) (1672, -595) Asheara Year 1, Akhet IV-10 X
Jemgirl's Heart Worship Tale 3 [19] (1053, 6785) (1051, 5304) Rabble Akhet IV-10 X
McArine's Square Architecture Tale 5 [20] (1793, 2565) (-1855, -2169) Skyfeather Year 1 Akhet IV-7 X
Shiranai's Counterweight Harmony Tale 5 [21] (1100, -5300) Skyfeather Akhet IV-12 X
InambaGuum's Anchor Human Body Tale 5 [22] (958, -6407) (-386, 1985) McArine Year 1, Akhet IV-8 X
Sheeba's Passion Worship Tale 5 [23] (744, 5955) (1073, 5295) Rabble Akhet IV-10 X

Mysterious Pop Up Messages

Please include message (verbatim if possible), coords, activity, anything else that seems likely to be relevant

  • Spooner: "You hear the chanting of priests in the distance. They are giving offers to their gods before an alter, As you get closer the sounds fade into nothing." 1533, 3111 year 1 akhet III-30 12:35AM I think this refers to Test of the Humble Priest from T1 Worship monument /McArine
  • dedenav: "As the waters play, you are sure you hear them say "the false age"."
  • blondie: "As the wind plays around your ears, you would swear it is saying "the false age". Year 1:Akhet III-28 RP 1500, 2587
  • Renard: "what can man do against the wild beast! He cannot outrun them, he cannot see them when they hide. He must be clever, use his wits to conquer then." I think this refers to Test of the Safari from T1 Body monument /McArine
  • Waerloga: "You see out of the corner of your eye a three legged table. It gleams like is made of metal, none you have ever seen before. On each side people argue, but about what you cannot say." Year 1, Akhet-II-30, 1:00AM in Sinai (3656, 5276)<Refers to a Yokir Table > Conflict