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Fennec Locations

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Fennec Trap Information

If there are missing fennec traps at some locations just replace them. Traps disintgrate after 30 days.

Please make your traps Public. As there are several fennecs in traps nearby, this will assist others in finding them and reduce the number of traps on the line. As each duplicate can capture one of the elusive creatures, there are plenty to find and share.

Cage Map

markerCirBl.png Public Trap built in 250-coordinate blocks, presumed live
markerCirYe.png Public Trap built in 250-coordinate blocks, built more than 30 days ago and needs verifying/rebuilding
markerCirLb.png Public Trap built outside the 250-coordinate block system.
markerCirRd.png Non-Public Trap.

This map uses the CondMap template, if this map imports data from other maps please edit those. Please see Maps for further details and links to all raw data pages

List of Fennec signs and captures

See here