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Queen Ant

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  • Queen Ants are obtained by examining plants.
  • This option is not available on wood bearing trees, cacti, or thorn-giving plants.
  • The hotkey "E" will also accomplish this task.

Carrying an Ant

  • Queen ants used to die if kept in inventory for more than 5 minutes. But they now live in inventory for at least 24 hours regardless of whether you have any Fresh Leaves in your inventory.
  • Queen ants can also be stored in a warehouse or chest for at least 24 hours.
  • If a Queen Ant dies it will become a Dead Ant.

Raising Ants

Myrmecology allows the building of an Ant Colony for our Queen ants.


  • Ants gain 3 health every time teppy week ticks over with the max health being 21.
  • Prior to 9 of 21 health ants show no behaviour other than requiring 21 of the freshest leaf per teppy week
  • AT 9 health my ants produced 2 Mandibular Glue. At the time of this edit we have no idea what this means or what it is used for. - Diania 27/3/2009
  • It appears that Mandibular Glue does not have to be removed, but can be stored as would Cobra Skin or Crushed Eggs Shells are, that is, within the tank. 18/4/2009 Diania
  • Ants reproduce babies every 21 days and the health of the tank goes down to 0
  • Ants can survive at least 14 hours without Fresh Leaves in their tank
  • 2 queen ants can survive in the same tank for at least 2 days 5/5/2009 Diania
    • Secondary queens stay in colony until removed or a new queen is born, they don't accumulate. (Aug 8, 2012 Obol)

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Ant Colony

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