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Trees are very important in the game. Trees produce wood, resin, provide hiding places for chicken eggs and roosting spots for falcons. Royal Palms will also sometimes give you a perfect Palm Frond.Below are pictures of the various trees growing in Egypt. This was created to serve as a reference in the hunt for specific tree resins. Knowing what a particular tree looks like is half the battle.

Anaxi Arconis Ash Beetlenut Bloodbark Bottle Tree
markerBrA.png Anaxi markerGrA.png Arconis markerPuA.png Ash Palm markerKhB.png Beetlenut markerBrB.png Bloodbark markerGrB.png Bottle Tree
Bramble Hedge Broadleaf Palm Butterleaf Cerulean Blue Chakkanut Chicory
markerGyB.png Bramble Hedge markerGdB.png Broadleaf Palm markerTnB.png Butterleaf Tree markerBlC.png Cerulean Blue markerKhC.png Chakkanut Tree markerGrC.png Chicory
Cinnar Coconut Palm Cricklewood Delta Palm Elephantia Feather Tree
markerKhC.png Cinnar markerWhC.png Coconut Palms markerBrC.png Cricklewood markerBlD.png Delta Palm markerGrE.png Elephantia markerBlF.png Feather Tree
Fern Palm Folded Birch Giant Cricklewood Hawthorn Hokkaido Kaeshra
markerGrF.png Fern Palm markerGyF.png Folded Birch markerBrG.png Giant Cricklewood markerBrH.png Hawthorn markerOrH.png Hokkaido markerGrK.png Kaeshra
Locust Palm Miniature Fern Palm Mini Palm Monkey Palm Oil Palm Oleaceae
markerGrL.png Locust Palm markerGrM.png Miniature Fern Palm markerGdM.png Mini Palmetto markerKhM.png Monkey Palm markerGrO.png Oil Palm markerBrO.png Oleaceae
Orrorin Passam Phoenix Palm Pratyeka Ranyahn Razor
markerOrO.png Orrorin markerLbP.png Passam markerTnP.png Phoenix Palm markerGrP.png Pratyeka Tree markerPkR.png Ranyahn markerBrR.png Razor Palm
Red Maple Royal Palm savaka Spiked Fishtree Spindle Tree Stout
markerRdR.png Red Maple markerGrR.png Royal Palm markerTnS.png Savaka markerWhS.png Spiked Fishtree markerBrS.png Spindle Tree markerGrS.png Stout Palm
Tapacae miralis Tiny oil Palm Towering Palm Trilobelia Umbrella Windriver Palm
markerOrT.png Tapacae Miralis markerBrT.png Tiny Oil Palm markerGrT.png Towering Palm markerYeT.png Trilobellia markerGrU.png Umbrella Palm markerGrW.png Windriver Palm

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