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Breeding Rabbits

Rabbits can be bred in a Rabbit Hutch, which can hold up to 100K Carrots for them to eat. They may be slaughtered for Rabbit Meat and the chance for a Rabbit Pelt. Dexterity increases the chance to get a pelt. (In T3, 24 Dex gave about a 96% return of pelts.)

Rabbits breed very quickly, so keep an eye on them. If they run out of carrots, they will escape the hutch. They will also escape, if there are too many in the hutch. Exactly how many that is is not known, but the number is bigger than 30. (I've had it up to 68, but I wouldn't recommend it ---Avram 05:50, 7 December 2010 (EST))

In T3, a female rabbit would eat 1 carrot every 3 game hours, while a male rabbit would eat 4 carrots in the same time period.


It's fairly simple:

  • Rabbits
  • Are
  • Food

That is to say that they are:

Catching Wild Rabbits

Rabbits can be found in grass by dropping Carrots on the ground nearby. Carrots may randomly be replaced by white rabbits. You will have a very brief time to pick up the rabbit before it disappears, along with your carrot. Rabbits can be caught day or night.

  • Rabbits have been seen to appear even when the player is standing in the middle of a grid (e.g. 25 carrots over 5x5 coords), so the idea that you need to "back off" from them is not true.
  • I used a 10*10 grid (100 carrots), standing in the middle, and exactly 33 rabbits replaced carrots at 9:00PM game time. I waited 1/2hour (real time) before they popped. The game time factor could be avatar-specific. (Aeliel 3 april 2010)
    • They usually disappear quickly though, so don't take risks.
  • Harvesting wild rabbits this way appears to be problematic. Being able to catch rabbits on the very same spot seems to based on a delay and most possibly a certain range. To test this try catching two groups of rabbits from two consecutive grids on the same spot. Remove the rest of the grid from the first catch and make another on the second try.
  • My first effort was a 6x5 grid by my compound in AC1 and took about 30 minutes realtime to yield 6 male rabbits (I seem to recall, all spawns are the same sex but that isn't references elsewhere in this page). My second effort was a 6x6 grid in Sinai but didn't get any rabbits after about 40 minutes realtime (I believe) --Aperio 15:00, 26 May 2011 (EST).
  • I found that if you try to catch near anything that pollutes, you will have no luck. Make sure you place your grid in an non-polluted area. (Korrin)

Useful Fact

Based on T3 reckoning, it takes about 20 carrots to make a rabbit. In point of fact, a large breeding operation seems to break even at about 25 carrots per rabbit. JulianJaynes 14:49, 1 May 2009 (EST)

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