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Method that has been verified

(Verified by Jaylenaeybarre with help from Blondie)

You need the Chromatic Touch skill

Made with 1 Silk Cloth and paint in a Pigment Laboratory which batch size is set at x1.

To find out what color ribbons you need for the Bastet ritual, see Determining Festival Requirements.

For a list of ribbon makers, see the Bastet Inventory.

Check what paints your avatar can make.

Production example: if you want to make a Royal Blue Ribbon, and your paint is: 8 cabbage juice, 1 clay, 1 saltpeter, 1 copper, 1 sulfur

Multiply all ingredients x5, except for the catalyst ingredients (sulfur, potash, lime, saltpeter)

So in this example, we do 40 cabbage juice, 5 clay, 1 salpeter, 5 copper, 1 sulfur

This will give you a 50-concentration, now you need 1 silk cloth in your inventory.

Then you can click on your paint lab: make colored ribbons

Known Uses Currently used only in the Bastet ritual for the Test of Festivals. One avatar requires two ribbons for each attempt.

How to use ribbons for the Bastet ritual:

Ribbons are used by attaching them to your hand, elbow, or wrist via your Appearance menu (Self-> Appearance-> Ribbons).

It does not matter which spots you choose, as long as you are wearing the two ribbons of the color you need for the ritual.

When you are wearing one or more ribbon, you get an option under self / Utility to "Remove ribbons", which will effectively remove all ribbons, without confirmation.

Once worn, they will "get dirty" and disappear in about an hour.

You must have them on during the ritual, so it is important not to put them on too early.