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Sheep Pen

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A Sheep Pen is a building used for the storage and care of sheep. Sheep living in a pen will reproduce as long as there is at least one male and one female present. They will consume onions and produce dung.

Slaughtering attempts on sheep in a pen are always successful. Some players build a pen with no intent to hold sheep long-term, but merely as a place to slaughter sheep picked up in the wild.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Animal Husbandry tech.


Built in a Small Construction Site. Size 29x48.


  • A living and breeding space for Sheep.
  • Allows guaranteed slaughter of a sheep, to produce 2 Leather, 6 Mutton and 10 Oil.
  • Sheep in a pen produce Dung.
  • Sheep require Onions to eat. They will eventually die if not fed.
  • Sheep will not breed if there are 10 or more sheep in the pen.
  • Can be used for storage of an unlimited amount of onions
  • Can be sheared for wool.

Public Sheep Pens

There are public pens available in some regions for the slaughtering of sheep by travelers or by those without sheep pens. Please see the Public Sheep Pens page for more information.