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Married to Koinif 8)

Mydnight's Paints

Mydnight's Tiles

Stuff I've Put Together

 Base Orchids
 Coop Thoughts
 Mydnight's Built Toe Up Flowers
 Orchid Percents PDF
 Mastermind Mutagen Finding PDF
 Sea Lily Gene Sets PDF

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Flower Color Page


Mushie Needs

Mutagen Maintenance Pages

JT Mutagen List

GR Mutagen List

Mydnight's Mutagens

PV's Mutagen Stock

4 empty at Mydnight's House, 3 empty at PV guild

Region Mutagen @Guild Start By Who
7L10 Hairy Mottled Smelly JT 5/25~ Orchid
7L11 Crackly Green US 5/25 Mydnight
7L12 Mottled Smelly US 5/31 Mydnight
MV 05 Dry Fuzzy JT 6/01 Mydnight
MV07 Calico Spongy JT 6/01 Mydnight
RP04 Dry Mottled Spotted US 6/01 Mydnight
7L13 Green Slimy Smelly JT 6/03 Mydnight
7L14 Hairy Mottled Striped JT 6/03 Mydnight
7L15 Green Mottled Prickly JT 6/03 Mydnight
7L16 Calico Dry Spongy JT 6/05 Mydnight
7L17 Prickly Smelly Spotted JT 6/05 Mydnight
MV05 Dry Fuzzy PV(A) 6/05 Mydnight
7L18 Hairy Spotted JT 6/14 Mydnight
7L19 Green Spongy JT 6/15 Mydnight
OE13 Calico Hairy JT 6/15 Xerath
OE19 Calico Phosporescent JT 6/19 Mydnight
7L16 Calico Dry Spongy US 6/19 Mydnight
MV07 Calico Spongy US 6/19 Mydnight