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General Information

Greetings! I am Yendor, a Level 40ish Master of Architecture. I have a small chest storage compound, but mostly you will find me using ZFree facilities. I joined late in the telling, so I'm taking advantage of the approximately infinite resources available to have a few quick-and-easy passes.

For those of you wondering, this is the same Yendor that played Tale 3.

I still sell /Paint.


I am pleased to belong to ZFree

I use reali ovens from Zemples

I support The Festivals Guild

I still have fond memories of The Goods

Humble Priests

Heket (Yendor) Nut (Yendor) Hathor (Yendor and Slave) Ptah (Yendor and Slave) Tefnut (Yendor and Slave) Sobek (YendorsSlave) Set (YendorsSlave)

Tale 3 Activities

Yendor was actively involved with Telling 3, and was elected to lead the Architecture Monument. He lived in Seven Lakes, which was a centrally-located hive of rugged individuals. Yendor finished as a Level 64 Oracle of Architecture and Worship, and Sage of Harmony and Leadership. He was also a teller [and part-time Elder] for The Goods, and led many regional projects in Seven Lakes. Yendor was part of the Sunset Group, and active in SLPBA (Seven Lakes Public Builders Association). Continued thanks to Orchid for frog-finding; Sumtet, McArine, MarvL, and Quizzical for deep explanations of game mechanics; Rizzia for aqueduct pumping duties and emergency management; and to everyone who bought paint, traded with, voted for or otherwise supported me.

For more detailed information of what I was up to, see the Tale 3 wiki.

Tale 2 Activities

Yendor arrived in Egypt shortly (44 days) before the end of the telling. I forgot which mentor on Welcoming Island suggested RSO, but it was the perfect region for my play style. FaceAnkh and Esme mentored me through the Red Sea Refuge guild, and introduced me to the people, guilds, and facilities that made RSO home. After a bit of a false start with a primitive camp, I decided to live in downtown RSO and use the PPP facilities rather than build my own. Thanks to the PPP, the Goods, and numerous other people (FaceAnkh, Esme, Balthazarr, TheMazeEcho, tellers from The Goods, members of The Birds of Fire), I completed 5 architecture tests in the 44 days before the end of the telling: Obelisk, Megapolis, Octect's Ghost, Towers, and Seven Phoenix. I also completed one test in Body (Reason), and completed the initiation for Leadership.