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Bulk 1
Weight 1


1 tow becomes 3 Twine after 1 minute of spinning in a Small DistaffT6N.png or Large DistaffT5N.gif.


  • Knife: Flint (1)
  • Spin 1 Rope in a Distaff (5).
  • Weave 1 Canvas in a Loom (60).
  • Student Loom (120)
  • Basic Fishing Pole (25)
  • Each use of a student loom breaks some strings, which requires 1-60 twine to restring the loom.

Required By

Canvas, Ceremonial Voting Booth, Fly Tying, Knife:Flint, Rope, Scythe, Student's Loom, Throne of Pharaoh/Throne Decoration Materials

Produced By

Large Distaff, Small Distaff, Steam Distaff

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