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About Me

This space intentionally left blank.



Student of 7, Prentice of 6, Journeyman of 4, Scribe of 2, Master of 2, Sage of Body.

Architecture (Prentice)

  • Obelisk: Passed (14-cubit Hardwood)
  • Life: Principles done, but the test is a long way off.
  • Towers: Passed (104.46%)
  • "Fun"erary Temple: I'm not touching that with a 1000-cubit pole. Not even for principles.

Art & More Art (Journeyman)

  • Pyrotechnics: Passed
  • Khefre's Children: Up to rank 3, with strength 25
  • Flight: What? I passed?!
  • Mosaic: Passed

Body (Sage)

  • Safari: Passed
  • Acrobat: Passed
  • Brightest Day: Passed (before Beehives became easy)
  • Cicada: Passed, 12 Speed.
  • Oyster Catcher: Passed
  • Tattoo: Passed, 8 Focus.

Harmony (Master)

  • Freeman: Passed. It's still Harmony, but the point decay makes it not suck.
  • Marriage: Married to the wonderful MariahBoPeep.
  • Prophet: Passed, with 103 points. But it's still a dumb test.
  • Critic: Passed, with 537 points. But it's still a dumb test.
  • Reason: Passed, with (Battle of Hastings) points. It's not as stupid as Critic.
  • Balance of Goods: Passed, 8845 points.

Leadership (Student)

  • Kingmaker: 1038 points
  • Cartouche: Yep, it's Cartouche alright.
  • Retired Pirates: Passed, 1681 doubloons
  • Mentorship: Well, I have 13 decrees so far...
  • Plantation:

Thought (Prentice)

  • Pathmaker: Passed (It's at 767,-373, by the Saq UArt)
  • Venery: Passed Located at 753,-381 (also by the Saq UArt). It's quick and fun! Play it!
  • Bijou: It's in the compound at 762,-386 (guess where).
  • Hexaglyphs: Same as Bijou.
  • Constellation: Maybe if I just plaster Egypt with enough of them, one will pass. (So far this is not proving true, as nobody judges them.)

Worship (Journeyman)

  • Pilgrim: Passed (11 shrines, 1997 points)
  • Bacons: Passed
  • Vigil: Passed (88 sacrifices, 116243 points, in one night.)
  • Remembrance: 5 completed, Body needed.
  • Festivals:
    • Isis: 100%
    • Osiris: 100%
    • Bastet: 100%
    • Ra: 100%
    • Maat: 100%
    • Hathor: 100%
    • Thoth: 66%