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Essential Compound

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Essential Compounds are made in a Chemistry Laboratory from five unique Essences. Each compound has eight different properties:

  • Aromatic (Ar)
  • Astringent (As)
  • Bitter (Bi)
  • Salty (Sa)
  • Sour (So)
  • Spicy (Sp)
  • Sweet (Sw)
  • Toxic (To)

Each property has a numeric value between -15 and +15, determined as the sum of the same properties of the Essences that were used to make it. These values can only be observed in certain ranges using Litmus Test Strips.

Essential Compounds are part of the Chemistry system. For a step-by-step guide to making Compound Extracts (of which Essential Compounds are an intermediate product), see The Practical Chemist.

Essential Compounds are complex items which are named by the user when they are manufactured.

Required By

Compound Extract, Jay's Compound Extract guide

Produced By

Chemistry Laboratory, Chemlab, Jay's Chemlab, Jay's Chemlab guide

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