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Jay's Chemlab guide

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Chemlab notes

For the calibration 3: all glassware (beaker, florence flask, thistle tube, test tube, distillation coil) have to be between 40.000 and 40.004 or 45.000 abd 45.004

For calibration 2: at least all glassware above 7 quality and divisible by 100?

Product QTY made

Recipe Ugrades req Timer Easy
Powdered gems various gems Wooden Pestle Yes, Focus YES
Arsenic 1 1 Set's Compound Extract, 100 Lead Ore, 1 Acid None None
Gunpowder 10 1 Charcoal, 1 Sulfur, 10 Saltpeter None Constitution: 12 sec YES
Ink 20 5 Salts of Iron, 5 Charcoal, 20 Oil None Constitution: 7 sec YES
Papyrus Strip 8 1 Papyrus Paper Level 1 None YES
Gear Oil 6 100 Oil, 50 Petroleum, 5 Compound Extract (Maat, Set, or Osiris) Level 1 + Glassware None
Potash Ointment 6 50 Water in Jugs, 25 Acid, 5 Compound Extract (Geb, Maat, or Set) Level 1 + Glassware None
Lime Emulsion 6 50 Water in Jugs, 10 Bauxite, 5 Compound Extract (Maat, Set, or Osiris)) Level 1 + Glassware None
Gem Glue 1 10 Water in Jugs, 25 Gypsum, 10 Mandibular Glue 5 Compound Extract (Set, Osiris or Thoth)) Level 1 + Glassware None
Explosives 50 Gunpowder, 10 Aluminum Powder, 2 Compound Extract (Set, Osiris, or Thoth) Level 1 + Glassware Constitution
Essences varies Varies Level 2 + Alcohol Lamp 2 teppyminutes
Essential Compound 1 5 unique Essences Level 2 None
Compound Extract 3 1 Essential Compound with specific properties Level 2 None
Litmus Test 22 drops Powdered Gems and other stuff, see Litmus Test Level 2 Complicated


Jay's Spirits &

Good guides if you want to do them by hand.

Needed most are the fire spirit's, the others can be used for festival.

Spirits are distilled alcohol, produced in an Alembic from wine or beer. There are several different varieties of spirits, as well as different purity levels. There are at least 8 possible "Types" of spirits: Rock, Wood, Worm, Grain, Grass, Vegetable, Mineral, Fish, and Grey Spirits (from low to high) 6 possible purity levels: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Life and Ra (from low to high)

Note: Use large amounts of beer/wine at a time

Not all distillable materials contain all spirit types. Beer, for example contains Wood, Worm, Grain, and Grass spirits. Beers with the 'Dry' flavor also contain small amounts of Fruit and Vegetable Spirits. Potent beers contain 25% more spirits total than normal beers. Very Potent Beers contain 50% more

high residual sugar is best for Vegetable, Mineral, and Fish spirits
Tannin  or beer for low-temp spirits

1st photo is from an earlier tale sm5ac6.jpg 2hd7ejq.png

VT macro can be used

Watch the brownish circle, the darker it is the closer it is to a lower quality, this means that Ra is very light (looks like the color before you start) and Grey is very dark brown on the alembic, on the right)

If done by hand, carefull: not too many temp. differences!!

Click +button until desired spirit, then add beers or wine, and try to keep same temperature. Watch your brown circle on the right, turn lighter or darker - the longer you can keep temp ok, the more dbn spirits you can have.

Jay's Essences

Now you have your Spirits and a list of five required Essences. Hopefully you've gathered 20-40 of each of the raw materials whose Essences you'll be needing. Essences are pretty easy to make.

1. On your Chemistry Laboratory, click Manufacture->Essential Distillation->Place Essential Material Into the Macerator. Select your material, and 10db of it will be loaded into the Lab. 
2. Consult the Essence Table to find out what combination of Spirits you need for this particular Essence. 
3. Click Manufacture->Alcohol Lamp->Fill Alcohol Lamp with Spirits and load each Spirits in the proper quantity. 
4. Click Manufacture->Essential Distillation->Start Essential Distillation. 
5. Wait two minutes. When you get a success message in Main, you can grab the Essence from the Lab's Take menu.

Once you've got all the necessary Essences, you can make the Essential Compound

Macro VT can be used

Jay's Essential Compound guide

If you have multiple Chemistry Labs, this step should be performed on the one with the highest Calibration Level.

You'll get a message that you will need Litmus test in your inventory - but ignore that :)

1. On the Lab, click Manufacture->Essential Mixture->Add Essence to Compound. Click each of your five Essences in turn.
2. After you've loaded all five, click Manufacture->Essential Mixture->Mix Compound.

You'll be notified that you have successfully created the Compound and are given the opportunity to name it. This is up to you... as long as everything went right, the name isn't going to matter 30 seconds from now. After entering a name, you can grab the Compound from the Lab's Take menu.

Macro VT can be used

Jay's Compound Extract guide

Making any Compound Extract resets the requirements for all of them on that Lab. So if the one you need you can't make, make another compound extract and all will be reset.

Now we're at the finish line. Take your new Essential Compound over to the Lab whose requirements you used, click Manufacture->Extracts, and select the appropriate Extract type. Choose the Essential Compound you just made, and voila! You are now the proud owner of 3db of Compound Extract. Congrats!

Macro VT can be used

Example Maat compound Extract