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Flower Fertilization Chart

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The best combination of fertilizers is to use Sticky Sun every 2 hours during the day and then Harvest Elixir at night before going to sleep. Get your cobra pits going well to make lots of Sticky Sun. The larger the grid of cobra pits, the easier it is to keep cobras and raise your cobra skin counts and you'll only need to put in camel milk to keep the serpents happy and well fed. Put your kettles by a water source so you can grab water easily as you make Flower Fertilizer. Have a kitchen near your kettles and a warehouse to store fish, jugs, wood, cobra skins so you can stand in one spot and grab all the junk to make loads of fertilizer by overloading yourself. Most efficient strategy.

Various fertilizers can be used on flowers such as Sea Lilies:

Fertilizer Amount Made Ingredients Fert Amount Used Per Flower Fertilization Rate
Basic Fertilizer (made in a Kettle)
Flower Fertilizer 50 3 Rotten Fish,5 Water in Jugs, 5 Wood; Non-stoked 20 2 Hours
Enriched Fertilizers (made in a Kitchen, requires Advanced Horticulture at a University of Worship)
Black Syrup Fertilizer 1 1 Flower Fertilizer and 1 Khefre's Essence 1 2 Hours - Equivalent to 12 fertilizations
Harvest Elixir 320 1-320 Flower Fertilizer and 1 Camels Mane Mushroom 80 8 Hours - Equivalent to 4 fertilizations
Liquid Sun Fertilizer 180 1-180 Flower Fertilizer and 1 Scorpion's Brood Mushroom 20 2 Hours - Equivalent to 2 fertilizations
Sticky Sun Fertilizer 49 1-49 Flower Fertilizer and 1 Cobra Skin 8 2 Hours - Equivalent to 2 fertilizations
Dawn of Ra Fertilizer 5 1-5 Flower Fertilizer and 1 Maat's Compound Extract 10 Immediately causes planted flowers to bloom
Geb's Bounty Fertilizer 1 1 Flower Fertilizer, 2 Compost and 1 Geb's Tears 1 2 Hours - Equivalent of 16 Flower Fertilizer

Normal fertilization rate for Sea Lilies is 48, however, lilies such as Energy have a 'V' gene that reduces the fertilization rate by 2 fertilizations for each 'V'. See [|| Flower Genome Theories].