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You gain a point of Gastronomy for each Masterpiece meal consumed at a Kitchen (is it possible to package masterpieces???). You receive a point of Perception at 7 Gastronomy.

No second point up to 20 yet, likely 49. -Matk

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Gastronomy is obtained by eating Masterpieces, much in the same way Beer Tasting and Fumeology points are obtained through drinking beer and smoking herbs respectively.

Each new dish, ie. each new recipe that is a masterpiece, should give you a gastronomy point. You can only get one point off a single recipe, although it is possible to get multiple masterpieces by changing the recipe a little. Testing should be done to determine if it is possible to codify masterpieces and make gastronomy more understood and easier to produce.

After consuming a masterpiece, the next leek you grow will give an additional seed. Eating a masterpiece that does not give gastro still results in the additional seed

With a Gastronomy skill of 7 or higher, you gain a menu option to “critically evaluate meal”, which is required to calculate the potency of an ingredient. See the Cooking Guide for details.

Also worth noting, you gain one permanent perception point at 7, 49 and 243 gastronomy levels.