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Various buildings allowing the storage of different kinds of resources

Name Bulk and Weight Limit Built Resource Notes
Storage Basket 1,000 Built Outside, decays with time 28 Dried Flax, 8 Boards
Box 1,000 Built in a Compound 24 Boards
Chest 5,000 Built in a Compound 48 Boards, 400 Bricks
Tent 25,000 Built outside 200 Boards, 80 Nails, 4 Canvas, 2 Linen, 12 Rope You may only build one at a time. Can not be guilded.
Small Warehouse 25,000 Small Construction Site 100 Boards, 1000 Bricks, 10 Cut Stone Can be upgraded to hold 50,000 and 100,000
Guild Hall Unlimited Boards and Bricks Small Construction Site 102 Boards, 104 Bricks
Sheep Pen Unlimited Onions Small Construction Site 100 Boards, 1200 Bricks, 60 Dried Flax Resource will deplete if it contains any Sheep.
Dromedary Pen Unlimited Straw Small Construction Site on Sand 200 Boards, 400 Bricks, located on Sand Resource will deplete if pen's door is set to open, or if it contains any Camels
Student's Loom 3000 Twine and Raw Silk, 5000 Thread and Dried Papyrus Built in a Compound 8 Boards, 120 Twine