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Furnaces convert ore to metal, consuming fuel.

There are two main types of furnace: Charcoal-fired furnaces with relatively short firing times, and large Petroleum-fired furnaces with much longer firing times but greater efficiency.

The most time and resource efficient CC furnace is the Gyration Cell.

Furnace Fuel Type Max Ore Fuel Req Typical Ore:Metal Typical Fuel:Metal Fire Time Typical Metal/Hour Notes
Bullet Furnace Charcoal 200 5 100:1 2.5:1 5 minutes? ?
Compression Furnace Charcoal 500 20 33.33:1 1.33:1 20 minutes 45/hour No pollution confirmed. Tested 0 Acidity, no HM.
Blast Furnace Charcoal 1000 10 17:1 0.37:1 10 minutes? 324/hour FaF
Gyration Cell Charcoal 1500 50 10:1 0.33:1 15 minutes 600/hour Low pollution, currently the best CC furnace
Persephone Furnace Petroleum 20000 1-1000 8:1 0.035:1 typ. 4+ days 26/hour Believed to produce no pollution
Hades Furnace Petroleum 20000 1-1000 6:1 0.06:1 typ. 4+ days 2k metal first 24 hrs Large pollution radius