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Guilds/Mentors Of Egypt

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Welcome to Mentors of Egypt!

We are a guild dedicated to assisting and finding mentors for new trial players.


In River Plains, near the University of Leadership, [1592, 2373]. View Map

New Players

Everyone is welcome! Trial Accounts will be admitted as Initiates. Once paid, individuals will be updated to Associates and with a little time may themselves become mentors!

  • Initiates (trial accounts) and Associates (paid accounts) have the same privileges except that Associates have access to any guild resources that we may have.


  • Show up at the Guild Hall. Either use the chariot stop in River Plains or use your navigation menu and look for "Mentors of Egypt." If you don't find it right away, exit the tab and look again.
  • Apply for membership by clicking on the our Guild Hall. It should say "Mentors of Egypt" on the menu and you can click "apply for membership." All Guild Halls are cream and blue, unlike compounds and warehouses which are brown and tan.
  • A mentor will contact you, let you into the guild, and generally be available for questions after that point.
  • Note: this might not be immediate. There might not be a mentor available or they might be far away. We don't have the free teleporting that you do.

Asking Questions

Guild Chat

  • Feel free to ask anything in the guild chat. We like "silly" questions. They help us write our FAQ.
  • Please refrain from offering or asking for Mentorship shrines in guild chat. Mentorship Shrines are very sought after by all, and you should reserve yours for worthy mentors! You may only build one Shrine, so choose your mentor wisely!

Ask a Mentor Directly

  • You can send a /chat to a mentor (any Elder in the Guild) and they will be happy to answer any question you can come up with (well, about the game at least). You can see who is an Elder (a mentor in this guild):
  • Type in your main chat tab:
  • /info Mentors of Egypt
  • Then, on the "Members" tab, you will see a list of elders.
  • In your main chat tab, type
  • /chat ElderName
  • Type their name instead of ElderName
  • This will open up a new chat window with them.
  • Start typing.

Welcome Packet

(Note: A new player carrying items from the Welcome Packet cannot use the "Teleport to a Friend's Location" feature. Please ask new players if they would like to receive their Welcome Packet, or wait to receive it later, and let them know why they might want to wait. The packet materials are located in a warehouse next to the Guild Hall.)

  • When you sign up for the guild, a mentor will meet with you and give you a welcome package, containing:
  • Papyrus Seeds should be planted in a very specific manner. Check the wiki or ask a mentor before planting!

  • When you graduate to a paid account, you will receive a few more goodies to help your journey:

Guild Mines

See Public Mines

Mining Guide

Public Facilities

Global Chat Channels

This is mentioned in the new player guide, but I thought it was worth reproducing here :)

Communication in Egypt is mainly done through the chat channels. You always have the channel Main, which is for in-game messages and people talking near you, and the channel System, which is for messages from the game staff. There is also the region channel (unless you turn it off, which we recommend you don't do). We strongly advise you to add another channel: the Egypt-wide chat channel L2PBS. You do this by typing /join L2PBS. This channel is moderated, meaning that your messages may not show up immediately, and if containing profanity, may be deleted completely. Read it through to get a feel of what’s going on in Egypt this day and age.

Other useful channels:

  • The Learning Channel - A channel dedicated to teaching some of the more complicated systems in Tale (/join The Learning Channel)
  • Events - updates on Egypt-wide events (/join Events)
  • Bazaar- trade channel. Don't like making charcoal? Then asking WTB (would like to buy) x may help.
  • Story - not so much useful as interesting - a log of major story events and usually where new tests are announced. This pops up automatically when something new happens. You can close it again if you wish.
  • ENN - developer related chats with the player-base. This doesn't happen often, but when it does it can be an informative and interesting channel to join.

You can minimize the chat channels by double clicking on a chat channel tab name. Via right click on the tab name you can organize the channels, like assigning to different folders and switching the order.

If you want to use hotkeys for actions (e.g. [T] for Take everything) your chat channels have to be minimized (by pressing [Enter]). Via Self -> Options -> Chat-related you can toggle that minimized chat channels are still visible while using hotkeys.

Reference Sheet

Courtesy of (T4) Akilan:

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  • This guild is a venue to provide mentors for new players. It should not be used as a quick method to get mentorship shrines. Our goal is to retain new trial account players to the point where they become paid players and active members of the ATITD community.

Become a Mentor

  • Players wishing to be a mentor in the guild should contact one of the Guild "Founders":
  • We will then admit new mentor as a Patriarch.
  • Any mentor with questions/concerns about new mentors should contact Daniels, Chet, Orchid, or kuupid within the first three days of admitting a new mentor.
  • After three days, the new mentor will be promoted to Elder and have all of the responsibilities/privileges of mentors in this guild.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Monitor Immigrants chat when possible, and chat new Immigrants with an invitation to join MoE. You can cut and paste the following if you like:
Welcome to Egypt! I'd like to extend an invitation to join an Egypt-wide Mentoring guild (based in River Plains). We are guild that is focused on helping brand new players get their footing. You can ask general questions in chat, and we'll offer a simple "Welcoming Package". You may also be able to find a more long term mentor, if you would like one. Let me know if you are interested in joining us. Just so you know, you can join as many guilds in this game as you want to join. This guild is more of a social guild aimed at helping new players. :)
  • Accept new members into the guild
Trial accounts can teleport to you by clicking on themselves -> Starting Spots -> Teleport to a Friend's Location.
  • Introduce yourself to new members as someone who wants to answer their questions
  • Be available for one-on-one chats when possible


  • Take things like guild invites and gifts to new members into a /chat - basically, if you don't have enough to share with everyone, don't tell everyone about it
  • Mentors should not request mentorship shrines in guild chat.
  • All grievances, disagreements, arguments, and politics will be taken to private chat. Chat one of the Guild "Founders" above if you have such a disagreement with someone.

Things We Need

Special thanks goes to Arcania from t4a for helping me flesh this concept out. ~ Daniels