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Offline Chores

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Some basic resources can be set to auto-accumulate in your inventory while offline. After you have manually gathered a certain amount of the resource in-game, you unlock the ability to gather it offline.

By default, 100% of your offline time is used to build your reserve of travel time, but you may choose to spread some or all of that between various offline chores.

Resources that can be gathered offline include:

To change your distribution of offline time, use the menu Self > Options > Offline Chores.

You can see how much Travel Time you have available at the top of the Self > Navigation window.

Note, this option is only available for subscribed players, not for trial accounts

Chore To Unlock Resource accumulated
Travel time paid account 1 hour of waypoint time per Teppy-hour
Grow onions Grow 500 onions 24 onions per Teppy-hour (576/day)
Pick grass Pick 500 grass 40 grass per Teppy-hour (960/day)
Harvest wood Harvest 2500 wood 30 wood per hour (real time) (720/day)
Grow barley Grow 1000 barley 10 barley per Teppy-hour(240/day)
Grow cabbage Grow 2500 cabbage 20 cabbage per hour (real time) (480/day)
Grow carrots Grow 1000 carrots 20 carrots per hour (real time) (480/day)
Claim slate Claim 1000 slate 20 slate per hour (real time) (480/day)
Grow Wheat Grow 1500 wheat 20 wheat per hour (real time) (480/day)


With Pyramids of the Fertile Land, good hatchets, veggie aqueduct towers, greenhouses, and perception food, some of the various offline-gatherable resources become much less valuable than the travel time they would replace, and very unequal in worth relative to each other. For instance, with a 9500 quality hatchet, perception/carry/dex food, and a good wood run, you can gather easily 5000 wood per hour. Using an onion-growing aqueduct tower and a dozen onion seeds (easily obtainable through trade or reproduction), you can grow 4000 or more onions per hour. Slate never becomes easier to collect, so it is probably the best choice for offline gathering: the slate-gathering animation itself takes nearly three seconds, so even if you could infinitely gather slate in the same spot without ever having to move, you would be unable to collect more than 1200 slate per hour (a more realistic estimate, given optimal conditions is around 10 slate per minute, or 360 per hour).

So, using those numbers, by comparison, a day's worth of offline chores buys about 80 real minutes worth of slate gathering, while a day's worth of offline chores buys only 8.5 real minutes of onion-growing, or only 7 minutes (!) of wood gathering. Choose your chores wisely.