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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Boards are a basic construction resource and are used in many buildings. They are cut from wood at a Wood Plane, Carpentry Shop, or Automatic Sawmill.

Research and Tuition



This is listed as Boards, even with just 1 in inventory.

Required By

Apiary, Automatic Loom, Barrel Grinder, Basic Sign, Blast Furnace, Box, Brick Machine, Caress of Wind, Carpentry Shop, Ceremonial Tasting Table, Charm of Flight, Chemistry Laboratory, Chest, Chicken Coop, Citizenship, Compound, Compound/de, Cooperage, Deckle, Deep Well, Desert Obelisk, Dromedary Pen, Drying Rack, Essence of Harmony, Fall of Balance, Ferry Boat, Flax Comb, Flax Hammock, Flimsy Brick Rack, Funerary Temple, Gearbox Assembly Table, Gem Cutting Table, Guild Hall, Gyration Cell, Hackling Rake, Hades Furnace, Hand Loom, Hexaglyph Tablet, Improved Brick Rack, Iron Shovel, Khefre's Locker, Kitchen, Large Distaff, Loom Frame, Malting Tray, Mason's Bench, Master's Casting Box, Master's Forge, Mine, Music Stand... further results

Produced By

Automatic Sawmill, Carpentry Shop, Wood Plane